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Dog’s touching ‘human-like’ thank you after being adopted brings woman to tears

A lot of animals are ready for adoption. They need a forever home. According to DoSomething.Org, more than 7 million companion animals enter the animal shelter each year.

Out of this 7 million pets, about 2 million are euthanized because shelters could no longer accommodate them and there’s no hope for them to be adopted.

Thus, a lot of people working in the shelter encourage others to adopt a pet rather than buy one from a store.

With over 7 million of pets residing in animal shelter and waiting for adoption, it is a known fact that not all of them will be able to find a place  to call as their new home.

After all, the chances of finding a human that would take them home despite of their old age and health condition is not as great as compared to baby animals in a pet store.

But this does not mean that the 7 million animal companions who are living in the animal shelter have already given up their hope of being adopted. Every time that a prospective human companion comes in, they are hopeful to be taken and welcomed to a warm home.

A dog who has been abandoned and lived his life bound to chains is one of the 7 million pets residing in an animal shelter nationwide.

And just like these 7 million pets, he longs for a home to call as his own and a human he can call as his family. Just like the rest of the abandoned and abused animals, he also longs to be taken care of and loved.

Fortunately, when a woman dropped by the animal shelter and spotted him, they instantly made a connection. It felt like it was love at first sight. So the woman did not think twice to take the sweet pup home.

However, she knew that the dog has been maltreated by his previous owner, so the woman couldn’t help but be concerned about how the dog would adjust to her. But it turned out that the woman has nothing to be worried about, because the dog she recently adopted made it clear how appreciated he is.

As seen on the viral video of the woman and the newly adopted dog, the dog is all over his new human. Perhaps, as his way of showing how grateful he is, the dog showered the woman with affection when she was crying inside the car.

While his new owner was crying, the dog did not stop consoling and comforting her. He simply wouldn’t let go and even curled up to her to make her feel okay.

The viral video uploaded on various social media sites warmed the heart of thousands of people. Netizens who were moved by the scene captured in the video expressed how it tugged the strings of their heart.

“This really is making me cry only tears of joy. So many dogs are ready for adoption.” A YouTube user shared how the video made her emotional.

“God bless you for rescuing this innocent dog!” Another YouTube user said, praying for the welfare of the rescued dog.

“The start of a precious and loving relationship, many blessings to both of you.”Another YouTube user said, hoping that the woman will really be able to provide a permanent home to the rescued dog.

Watch the touching video showing how the newly adopted dog easily warmed up to his new family. The emotional bond they have shared while in transit will surely melt your heart!


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Friday 8th of January 2021

I live in an Assisted Living Facility but when I am able to live on my own with occasional help I will look for my animal companion to help me complete my work here. My wife and I had all kinds of critters including a Raccoon we named “Ronnie” who had a brother and sister that my wife placed with a couple who had a farm. I rescued the 3 cubs after 2 days of crying from their nest way up a tree. I was the night care giver in a boys “cottage” for troubled boys from the inner city of Detroit who were placed there by a judge. The boys told me that the mom had been run off when one of the boys put her eye out with a stick. When I told my wife about the raccoons she said here’s a shoe box with rags in it, don’t come home in the morning without those babies, or don’t come home. I didn’t think she was serious but I didn’t want to take a chance. When one of the kids went up the tree and brought the “triplets” to me I took care of them that night feeding them stale bread dipped in milk. They eventually went to sleep and I took them home. My wife was in Nursing School at U of M in Ann Arbor and said since she was working with “preemies” she would bring back some little baby bottles and some formula that would be ok. She took the brother and sister to her friends and left me with Ronnie. I will continue with our story about Ronnie and what he taught us. One of my fondest memories.

Saturday 30th of May 2020

This video is so precious. We really have no idea how feeling and smart these furbabies are. God bless this lady who will give this one a loving and caring home.

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