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Injured parrot gets second chance at life through prosthetic beak provided by animal center

A Brazil-based animal rehabilitation center called Renascer ACN did the most amazing job at giving this parrot a new lease on life.

Birds use their beaks for a lot of things. They use it to communicate, gather food, groom themselves, defend their territories, and attack their rivals. When a bird’s beak is damaged, it can easily put their lives at risk.

That’s exactly what happened to this beautiful bright green parrot in Brazil. Paulo Roberto Martins Nunziata, the founder of Renascer ACN, caught the animal in a “terrible condition.” For some unknown reason, it had completely lost its beak.

So, together with veterinarian Maria Ângela Panelli Marchió, the animal rehabilitation center immediately worked to save its life.

Dr. Marchió is known for her work in helping rescued animals found in critical conditions, giving them a chance to survive and return to the wild. She specializes in animal orthopedics and makes handmade plastic resin prosthesis for injured animals.

The vet began by attaching two metal posts in the parrot’s stumped beak. She then fused a polymethylmethacrylate material molded into the shape of a parrot’s beak to the metal. This construction is guaranteed to last because polymethylmethacrylate is an extremely durable substance.

“The process is completely handmade. The material used, polymethylmethacrylate, has a quick hardening (three to five minutes) and is so resistant that it would need a chainsaw to be removed,” Nunziata told Bored Panda in an interview.

With this prosthetic’s help, the parrot has successfully recovered and is now living a normal life! However, it can’t be returned to the wild anymore due to the risk of the attachment eventually breaking since birds tend to use their beaks a lot.

“Today it has a normal life. However, it just can’t be returned to its natural habitat because even though the prosthesis is resistant, there’s a risk of it falling over time, as these animals use their beaks for everything,” said Nunziata.

The advancements in veterinary medicine allow doctors to treat and save the lives of severely-injured animals, just like this parrot. Thanks to its rescuers, this bird can now live out the rest of its life happily with its fully functional resin beak!

Check out the gallery below to see the fantastic work of this animal rehabilitation center.

Learn more about Renascer ACN and their noble work of helping birds and other animals by following them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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