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Paralyzed rescue dog in custom wheelchair is now ready for a loving forever home

A paralyzed rescue dog named Teddy is in search of a forever home after relearning how to walk.

Teddy, a Maltese mix, has regained use of his legs with the help of a specialized wheelchair provided by PAWS New England, a foster-based rescue. 

The dog was rescued from Iran after his owner surrendered him and made it to the country just in time. He was one of the last dogs allowed into the U.S. before a new ban from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took effect in July. This prohibition bans rescue dogs from high-risk rabies countries from entering.

Upon Teddy’s arrival in Boston, PAWS New England discovered that the pup had suffered a spinal injury from abuse by his previous owner’s boyfriend. That injury led to the paralysis of his back legs.

Thankfully, Walkin’ Pets built Teddy a custom wheelchair. Now, the pup is enjoying life once again and letting his true personality shine through!

“When he got his wheels, he was happier,” said Leila, Teddy’s foster mom. “Teddy doesn’t realize there’s anything different about him. He acts just like any other dog! He deserves to have the same opportunities.”

Canine rehabilitation specialists and neurologists at the Boston Animal Hospital PT believe that Teddy can regain movement in his legs with some physical therapy and continued work with his foster mom.

On their adoption page, PAWS New England mentioned that Teddy has separation anxiety, which isn’t surprising considering what he has gone through. 

The pup mingles well with children and other dogs and loves playing tug-of-war and chase when he’s not on his wheels. However, it’s unknown if he’s good with cats.

Teddy currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Leila and his canine foster brother Preston. They love cruising around the city, and Teddy has no difficulty wheeling down the street or grass whenever they go to the park.

The dog also likes wearing his drag bag—a device that protects a disabled pet’s rear limbs and chest from scraping against the ground—whenever they’re at the park. Teddy enjoys being active and exercising, so having an owner who is the same will be amazing for him and his recovery.

PAWS New England also noted that Teddy will require physical therapy for another six to 12 months. If his future owner requires assistance, the organization is willing to cover half of the therapy costs.

“For the right home if 100% coverage is needed we can of course do this but if not needed those funds can go to another dog in need. His medical needs should be the same as any other dog and thus would be covered by his new family,” they explained.

Although paralyzed, Teddy isn’t incontinent. However, his bladder has to be expressed several times a day, a process that is easy to learn and do. He also wears a belly band whenever he’s inside the house.

Teddy has been neutered and microchipped, and his vaccinations are up-to-date. He has also been tested for heartworm with negative results. 

Potential adopters can learn more about Teddy and submit an application via his adoption page. PAWS New England is accepting donations for the dog’s medical expenses.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.