Rescue dog gets his own yard – thanks to his mom’s boyfriend who built one just for him

This rescued dog has been hanging out in the yard of his home a lot lately. Aside from the pleasant feel of the grass, this dog loves it so much because his owners made it especially for him!

When KaTarra Taylor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, adopted Bentley when he was 4 years old, she knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

The pooch came with a lot of baggage; he was “untrusting, according to a post that KaTarra made in the Dogspotting Society Facebook group.

The dog had lived in four homes before, but the families who had him kept returning him to the rescue.


His anxiety and medical issues were too much for them to handle. But unlike her previous adopters, KaTarra refused to give up on him. She knew the pooch deserved a loving forever home.

Although Bentley still struggles with his anxiety issues, KaTarra didn’t back down. She worked tirelessly to leash train him, treat his anxiety, allergies, and gain his trust. KaTarra helped the dog get better every day.

Despite all the hard work that came with having him, KaTarra wouldn’t trade Bentley for anything in the world. In an interview with The Dodo, she described the rescue dog as “half sweet doofus and half cranky grandpa.”

When she adopted Bentley, KaTarra lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

She then had to move, but couldn’t find a place that would take her 120-pound dog. So, she had no choice but to move into a bigger home.


“I ended up buying a townhouse so we could stay together,” KaTarra said.

“It had an enclosed patio that I knew he would like. I couldn’t afford a house with a yard, but I thought I could turn the patio into a small yard with the right help.”

Whenever they went out for walks or to the park, KaTarra noticed how much Bentley loved hanging out in the grass. She wanted him to have the same in the yard of their own home, but it only had a small patio.


She knew that repurposing it to become a yard was a daunting task. That’s until her boyfriend, Nick, came to their rescue.

Nick says he isn’t fond of the “trouble” dog, but it seems like his actions contradict his words.

For several hours during an entire weekend, Nick toiled hard to transform the patio into a yard for Bentley.

First, he tore out a section of the concrete before laying soil and sod in a corner. Then, he put a bed of grass over it. All in all, it took him under $400 to finish the project.


It appears like Nick truly loves Bentley, despite what he says. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t go to all this trouble just to make him happy.

As they say, actions speak louder than words. And for doing this for her dog, KaTarra would surely agree that he’s a keeper!

Once it was all done, KaTarra could only hope that Bentley would love it as much as she wanted to.

When he took him out, the dog saw the grass and immediately laid on it! It’s clear that all of the work done had been worth it.


“Bentley immediately laid down and just stayed there for several hours,” she recalled. “He seems so happy with it.”

As expected, the grass patch in the yard became the dog’s new favorite napping spot. After all the instability he went through, KaTarra is happy that he gets to enjoy the little things in life, such as this backyard space he could call his own.

Most importantly, he gets to be with a family who accepts him and loves him for who he is.

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