One Reply to “She’s a record breaker! Coco the Chihuahua gives birth to an astonishing 10 pups”

  1. I love Chihuahuas I have a little girl I call Opal she is just a very loving dog and very protective of me and she has other dogs I also own and gets along well with them and when I pet her she purrs like a cat but in a growling sound I would love to have another female for a sister for her and a roommate to my other 2 dogs as a party of 4 So if there is a black and white with brownish tones then they would almost be twins. So im looking for another even if the colors are not a close match. So contact to them would be great if there looking for a single adult like me who loves dogs and home with plenty of room. Inside is there main area to live in with me. I have a good size fenced back yard for excersizing and daily business. I hope these folks syill have the pups to give me one.

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