She’s a record breaker! Coco the Chihuahua gives birth to an astonishing 10 pups

Since the beginning of time, dogs have made their mark in this world by being man’s best friend. And with their amazingly diverse breed, there sure is a dog perfect for every responsible pet owner. Like, Labradors and Golden Retrievers for those who love embarking on outdoor adventures, German Shepherds for our police authorities to assist in the safekeeping of our country, and even chihuahuas for those who do not have a lot of space at their home!

And speaking of Chihuahuas, don’t let their small size fool you. Although they are known for being the smallest breed of dog, they can do things greater than their size! Despite their small size, Chihuahuas have the biggest brain among the rest of their dog family, which makes them highly trainable. On top of that, they are also known for being fierce, in fact, they are one of the most aggressive breeds towards humans thus, it is advisable to socialize them with other people and animals at an early age.

Usually, dogs like Chihuahuas can give birth to 4-5 pups, but the world sure is full of surprises! After all, a lot of bundle of joy could come out of one little but strong mama!

This happened eight years ago and we believe it is worth re-telling for it’s truly one-of-a-kind story, Coco is a Chihuahua who is a precious member of Dawn and Bill Slater’s family. Thus, when their precious Coco became pregnant, the loving couple was more than ecstatic! Coco’s pups would sure make an adorable addition to their growing family.

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Just like humans, dogs also need to undergo routine maternity check-ups to ensure the safety of the mama dog and her pups. And with Coco’s massive belly, the couple could not help but worry if Coco can deliver her babies safely. To hush their fears, they took Coco to her vet for a routine exam.

It was then that they have found out that Coco was an expectant mother of five pups, and that she is an a very good health to deliver her babies.

Knowing that they have nothing to be worried about, the loving couple went home and started preparing for Coco’s delivery. And when the big day finally arrived, Dawn and Bill are more than excited to meet the five babies that will be joining their family.

h/t: Daily Mail

Hours later, Coco gave birth to five adorable baby Chihuahuas but she did not stop at that. Contrary to what the veterinarian said, it seemed that Coco was on the verge of delivering more.

“When she had the fifth, we thought that was it, then suddenly another started to come out…” Bill recalled how he and Dawn were taken a back by Coco’s record-breaking delivery.

Stunned, Dawn and Bill were more than surprised to see another pup coming out of their precious Coco… and it seems that Coco was just warming up.

After a few more interval, there came the seventh… the eighth… and the ninth… It was during this moment that the couple admitted how they were starting to fear how Coco’s small body would take the stress of giving birth to more than 5 puppies.

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“When we got to the ninth pup he wasn’t well, his bag had burst and we were trying to revive him.” Bill shared his worries in an interview. “We thought to ourselves, this is just impossible, when on earth is it going to stop, when the tenth came out.”

Fortunately, Coco’s delivery stopped after the tenth pup came out to the world. After all, ten puppies coming from the small frame of a Chihuahua sure is not a joke and could take a toll on their body. Thankfully, Coco is one strong and fierce Chihuahua who survived giving birth to 10 pups unscathed! To top it all, all of her pups are in excellent health condition!

Although Bill and Dawn are more than happy for Coco’s 10 pups, the loving couple admitted that they could not accommodate all of them. Unbeknownst to most people, aside from Coco, they have other Chihuahuas as well, along with a collie terrier and a number of charming cats. With this in mind, Bill and Dawn are looking for a family that could share their warmth and affection with Coco’s pups.

Photo | Carter TV

For Coco, all that she could remember is giving birth to 10 pups, but to the world, she sure created history!

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  1. I love Chihuahuas I have a little girl I call Opal she is just a very loving dog and very protective of me and she has other dogs I also own and gets along well with them and when I pet her she purrs like a cat but in a growling sound I would love to have another female for a sister for her and a roommate to my other 2 dogs as a party of 4 So if there is a black and white with brownish tones then they would almost be twins. So im looking for another even if the colors are not a close match. So contact to them would be great if there looking for a single adult like me who loves dogs and home with plenty of room. Inside is there main area to live in with me. I have a good size fenced back yard for excersizing and daily business. I hope these folks syill have the pups to give me one.

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