1 thought on “To Realize Your Own Strength”

  1. At the time, I didn’t realize my strength. I had to leave a job because the environment was too toxic & I knew I was being mistreated. I had to quit without giving a 2 week notice uncertain of the consequences. But, I knew I had to trust my own instincts & gut feelings. I just told my boss that “I don’t feel comfortable” here anymore. She was not happy & she even insisted that I stay. Now looking back on it, I know I made the right decision. I knew I was being taken advantage of, even though it was met with opposition & indifference. I had to decide for myself knowing that I was the only one who knew what was best for me in spite of my hesitation & fear if I would find another job after this. Always believe you have an unknown strength that you haven’t discovered yet. It will come at the most unexpected times & even during the times when you need it the most.

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