Rare kitten born with rare ‘Two-Face’ has grown up into a strikingly beautiful cat

An extra-ordinary cat has captivated thousands of people in the internet because of his fur’s striking color pattern. His unique feature that sets him apart from the rest of the cats in the world makes him a celebrity in his own right. Proving to the world that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful.

Photo | Jean-Michel Labat

Meet Narnia, the Instagram celebrity cat with a face that is perfectly made out of two distinct colors. Narnia’s face is symmetrically divided into two colors: grey and black, earning him the nickname of “the cat with the two face.”

Since he was born on March 28, 2017, Narnia has sported his uniquely two-tone face. His favorite human, Stephanie Jimenez, enjoys taking photos of him as he was growing up. Evident in his previous photos, Narnia has always been a charmer even when he was just a kitten.

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

The charming cat Narnia is a British Shorthair that lives in the beautiful Cattery of Grace in France. Although his unique two-face has always made him the center of attention, it was when the world renowned animal photographer Jean-Michel Labat shot a session with him that he rose to popularity.

Photo | Jean-Michel Labat

Although since he was just a kitten, his two-tone face is already distinct. But now that he’s about to turn 2-years-old, his half-grey and half-black face is becoming more prominent. Although his fur has become fluffier, it smoothed out into a fine straight line which gives him a perfectly symmetrical two-colored face. Making him even more handsome and charming than he was before.

Photo | Jean-Michel Labat

Although Narnia’s two-tone face is not something you can see everyday, there are other cats in the world with the same condition that he has. Just like the famous cat Venus and Quimera, Narnia could also be a chimera cat.

Photo of Venus l National Geographic

A chimera cat is referred to as a beautiful and breathtaking genetic anomaly. Just like Narnia, chimera cats are made out of two DNA’s joined by two fusing embryos. In simple words, chimera cats are the product of two non-identical twins that fused together which means that they are their own twin. Mystifying right?!

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

“[She’s] a real small miracle, blue and black [with locket],” Stephanie exclaimed, referring to the dainty white tuft of fur on Narnia’s chest.

With this in mind, certainly, Narnia is living true to his name: magical, ethereal, and glorious.

Below are our top five favorite photos of Narnia. Looking at his unique face and charming personality brightened our day. Certainly, it will paint a smile on your face too!

[1] Narnia’s adorable baby face will pull the strings to your heart!

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

[2] Narnia’s all grown photo opp surrounded with fresh flowers makes him even more majestic!

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

[3] No matter how royal Narnia seems to be, it’s nice to know that he can be caught off guard by something that is as cute as he is!

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

[4] Just like any cats, Narnia needs his stuffy Mario by his side to have a peaceful sleep at night!

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

[5] Who wouldn’t go gaga over colorful balloons? Even Narnia couldn’t resist them! 

Instagram | Amazing Narnia

Can’t get enough of Narnia’s overwhelming cuteness? You can browse more pictures of him on his Instagram account AmazingNarniaMeanwhile, do not forget to SHARE his story to spread the good vibe!

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