Tiny dog follows his rescuer around and becomes newest ‘member’ of LAPD’s K-9 unit

When we encounter a stray dog, our first instinct is to help them in any way we can. We may bring them to an animal shelter and have them checked for a microchip.

If they are injured, we take them to the nearest clinic for them to receive the proper medical attention that they need.

These two cops from the Los Angeles Police Department did what any other person would have done in that situation.

los angeles police department

When they came across a homeless puppy wandering alone in the road during their patrol, they did what they believed was best for the pooch by recruiting him as the newest member of their K-9 unit!

Officers Mercado and Tavera of the Los Angeles Police Department found the pup near Hobart Boulevard roaming the streets alone, so they scooped him up and put him in their patrol car to prevent him from being hit by any traffic.

Los Angeles Police Department

They named the cute brown puppy “Hobart” after the street where they found him, then they brought him back to the station. Hobart immediately bonded with his rescuers and followed them wherever they went.

In a video shared by the LAPD Hollywood Station on their Instagram and Facebook, the small puppy can be seen following Officer Mercado wherever he went.

And it seems like the feeling was mutual, as the two cops also couldn’t get enough of their new friend.


“Newest member of our K-9 unit. Officers Mercado & Tavera found a puppy while on patrol near Hobart Blvd, they took him back to the station and have officially renamed him, “Hobart” Welcome to LAPD Hobart!” the department wrote.

Thanks to these officers, Hobart has been rescued from the streets and is now in a place where he truly belonged!

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