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Listen to 230-ft sea organ that uses wind and the ocean to create beautiful music in Croatia

Several studies have shown that listening to music can be highly beneficial. One study revealed that music could improve blood flow in ways that statins do, decrease levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol, and alleviate pain.

Listening to music before undergoing an operation has also been proven to improve post-surgery results.

But even without the knowledge of these research outcomes, we all know that music holds great power over our lives. How many times has music cheered us up when we were feeling down?

Whenever we go for a morning run, we pop in our earphones and play upbeat music so we feel motivated to move faster.

When we have trouble falling asleep, we turn to calming music to help signal our brains that its already bedtime. We may not be fully aware of it most of the time, but we humans have a daily relationship with music.


This Croatian architect named Nikola Basic understood the importance of music in people’s lives. So, he came up with an unusual yet ingenious collaboration between an object and the ocean.

In 2005, he designed a 230-foot morse orgulje, also known as the sea organ. The instrument uses the rhythm of the waves to play a beautifully haunting melody.

At first glance, this invention might appear like an ordinary set of white stone steps, but its bottom stairs are covered in various holes.

Water and wind enter through these openings, leading to chambers within the giant instrument that connects to 35 organ pipes.

As the waves ebb and flow, the air pushes through the inner channels, while the holes in the above steps sound out calming tunes.

To see a harmonious collaboration form between an object and an element of nature is simply incredible to witness.

This sea organ’s home is in Zadar, Croatia, which faced complete destruction during the Second World War. The city was eventually rebuilt, but it was filled with dull concrete structures that robbed the place of its natural charm.

Thanks to Basic’s artistic creation, life and joy have been brought back to the 3,000-year-old city.


Now, it is a popular lunch place for tourists who want to feel the refreshing breeze of the sea and hear the beautiful sounds coming from the sea organ.

Watch the video below to hear the mesmerizing ‘performance’ of the Zadar sea organ.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.