This poster at Target made a mom cry — she shared her feelings on Instagram

Who would have thought that a trip to Target will make a mother cry. This mother from Nashville, Tennessee went out shopping at Target with her special needs son.


Jamie Sumner is a wife, mother, and author. Her hands are full as she has three kids, a set of twins and a special needs son named Charlie. Charlie has cerebral palsy, which makes errands with him a bit more challenging.

On this particular trip to Target, Charlie was sitting in the shopping cart and Jamie was happily strolling the aisle looking for the items on her shopping list. Suddenly, Charlie clapped and pointed at something. He laughed and said “more”.

Jamie looked at what Charlie was pointing at and saw a photo poster featuring a handicapped child using a walker. It seemed that Charlie recognized that the kid is there to represent the likes of him and kids that are different from normal kids.


The photo is a promotion for the latest collection of adaptive clothing for children with disabilities. This move from Target resulted from customer requests saying that they like to have a selection of sensory-friendly apparel that is stylish and affordable. Therefore, Target brought in retailer’s house brand Cat & Jack.


Another effort made by Target is rolling out shopping carts designed for special needs children. it is hard to do bulk shopping if you have to push a stroller at the same time.

Just then, Jamie was overwhelmed by her emotions and shed tears. She was so touched by this gesture of the retail giant. She took a photo of the poster and posted it on Instagram.

The caption reads: “Thank you @target for this … you have my whole heart. Keep it coming.”

Jamie explained that she spent most of her time during Charlie’s young age ensuring that he is included. However, Target made an effort to include people like Charlie. Jamie hoped that more businesses will follow Target’s lead.

Jamie and Charlie finished their shopping and passed through the poster a few times and the same expression and excitement appeared on Charlie’s face.

“I watched Charlie watch the sign. I watched the recognition of kin for kin, like for like. And it was beautiful. Yes, I started crying in the aisle. Yes, other people stopped and looked. And then they looked at the sign and they smiled. It was such an unexpected moment of connectedness among strangers in the middle of Target in the middle of a week on an otherwise ordinary day,” Jamie wrote

“It sounds like such a small thing, but for us it is a nod from the world that we are being acknowledge and supported. It’s just the beginning, I hope. I hope more disabilities and special needs pop up in clothing ads and commercials and on mainstream tv. But for now, I am so grateful to Target for making a start and for making us feel at home,” Jamie added.

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