Postal employee helps woman hide her Amazon package from husband in hilarious viral photo

With the approaching Christmas season comes the influx of customers shopping online to look for and buy gifts that they could give to their loved ones.

It is during this time that postal employees are left with a lot to do as there are deliveries to accomplish here and there.

While they might be accustomed to the busy life of a mailman, it goes without saying that work could sometimes get a little tiresome and monotonous.

That’s why when this postal employee for UPS found an opportunity to inject a little fun into his routine, he immediately took the chance and pulled off a simple but hilarious stunt!

Wikimedia Commons

A Facebook post by a Texas woman is currently going viral for all the laughs it has brought the internet. Ebony Freeman shared a photo of a large, cylindrical AstroTurf package delivered by a UPS driver into her home.

But what made the picture special was the manner in which the postal employee placed the item – by putting it under Ebony’s doormat that had the message “Please hide packages from husband” printed on it!

“Oh my god look! The UPS guy actually hid it under the rug!” she wrote, tagging her friend Amanda Harper who gave her the mat as a gift.


As of writing, Ebony’s post has garnered 7,700 reactions and 49,000 shares.

“I instantly laughed and the first thing I did was send [a picture] to Amanda before posting it on Facebook,” she told Good Morning America. “I had no clue it was going to get that much traction.”

Ebony explained that her husband doesn’t “really” get upset about her love for shopping online, and that the mat and its request are all in good fun.

“I have a package a day coming from Amazon but he thinks it’s funny,” she said.


Amanda told GMA that she bought the doormat from Etsy, and she says that the seller is “super stoked” that the product is being shown all over the internet. The viral attention it has been getting will surely encourage more people to get the unique item for themselves!

And even before this story has died down, Ebony says that she already has another funny doormat on order months before the holiday season starts. This time, instead of just words, the mat will be singing “Here Comes Amazon” to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

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