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Poodle who lost both legs in car accident hops like a kangaroo and is happier than ever

Despite all the hardships she has been through and her disability, this dog is the happiest pooch you will ever meet.

When Cora Rose was brought into a shelter in Madera, California, in 2017, her chances of survival were very low. Believed to have been hit by a car, the dog sustained several serious injuries. Her two front legs were crushed, and she had a broken back and pelvis. The poor pup could barely move, that veterinarians suggested putting her to sleep to free her from misery.

However, Zach Skow and his wife Heather—founders of rescue organization Marley’s Mutts—didn’t give up hope. The couple believed Cora could survive this ordeal, so they decided to adopt her and give her the best medical treatment they could find.

“The vet wanted us to euthanize her, but I’ve taken in many two-legged dogs over the years and I knew she could get better,” Zach said.

Since Cora’s legs were both severely damaged and infection had already set into the bones, both had to be amputated. The Skows shelled out $10,000 for this life-saving surgery, and although it was steep, the cost didn’t matter. Nothing was more important to them than giving Cora a second chance at life.

After her surgery, Cora couldn’t walk and can barely move around. Zach said the pup exhibited signs of depression during the initial days of her recovery. She had to learn to walk again using her a wheelchair in place of her front legs, and having to adjust to that clearly wasn’t easy. However, as the days went by, the dog became more comfortable using her new assistive gadget.

Eventually, she was able to ditch the wheelchair and move around using only her hind legs. Now, Cora looks like a tiny kangaroo happily hopping to wherever she wanted to go! Despite her disability, she learned how to move, jump, and play just like any other dog. With her tail constantly wagging, it was clear that Cora was grateful to be alive.

Despite her rough past, the dog is able to bring joy to anyone who meets her.

“She, quite simply, is always in the moment and never allows a moment to go by without truly living it to 100 percent,” Zach described her.

Cora’s true colors shone after she fully recovered from her injuries. Now, she’s one of the happiest pooches you will ever see!

“She has never met a person or a pet she doesn’t want to be friends with,” Zach said. He added that of all the dogs at Marley’s Mutts, Cora is the happiest.

“Dogs can bounce back so quickly – she jumps, hops, all day long – she’s very strong. She’s so resilient. Her quality of life is through the roof – losing her two front legs hasn’t starved her of anything,” he said.

As it turns out, it wasn’t only Zach who saved Cora; it was also the other way around. He founded Marley’s Mutts in 2009 and said that animals helped him get out of alcoholism. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver and needed a transplant. His weight dropped from 183 pounds to 140 pounds, he had yellow skin, and he had to use a catheter. At the time, life seemed so hopeless, and he contemplated ways of taking his own life.

However, one day while he was weeping and crying, he saw his dogs looking at him.

“It made me realize that I was still the leader of their pack. They could still see the man inside,” he recalled.

The next day, he started walking with his pets. He took them with him everywhere he went. Walking with the dogs meant he was healthy enough to undergo a liver transplant. But six months later, doctors revealed he didn’t even need one.

“I never set out to be a dog rescuer, but they saved me,” he said. “Now we rescue hundreds of dogs a year. It’s the most heartwarming thing you can do.”

And one of those lucky dogs is Cora. Despite her rough past and physical setbacks, the pup has helped people realize they can overcome any curveballs life throws at them, just like Cora. Just look at her happily hopping around!


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