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Police helps elderly man after he’s kicked out of bank for causing disturbance

A police officer became an internet sensation after he had chosen to show understanding and compassion, and went the extra mile for an old man who was causing a disturbance at a local Bank of America.

According to a post on the Facebook page of Montebello Police, officer Robert Josett and his fellow men were called to pacify a situation at a local Bank of America branch. You might think that the situation involved thieves and robbers, but the situation is nothing like regular crimes needing police assistance. The cause of the ‘disturbance’ was a 92-year-old man, Jesus Rangel, who simply needed the patience of the people around him..

“Upon officer’s arrival, they discovered that a 92-year-old man was trying to withdraw money from his account; however, his California identification card was expired,” the post narrated. “Per the bank’s policy, because his identification card was expired, they were unable to fulfill his request. The gentleman was upset and the police were called.”

Calling the police to pacify this situation seems like an overreaction over a simple matter. But this decision turned out to be just the right thing to do. Officer Robert Josett knew exactly what to do in order to help out the frustrated old man.

“Once officers arrived, Officer decided to take the man to the DMV in town to help him renew his identification card,” the post shared. “With the assistance of the DMV, his identification card was renewed and he was taken back to the bank at which time he was able to withdraw money from his account. He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way.”

Thanks to the kind and understanding police officer, the ‘disturbance’ was pacified and the old man went home with a smile plastered on his face. There are so many cops like officer Josett, sadly, sometimes it is the bad ones that grab the headlines. It is nice to know that there are police officers like officer Josett who are willing to offer a helping hand, instead of simply arresting the old man for disorderly conduct.

A photo of officer Josett accompanying the 92-year-old man was posted together with the narration of events posted on Montebello Police Department. Since it has been posted, the photo circulated online and gained over 20,000 comments and reached more than 44,000 shares. Evidently, the photo and the story warmed thousand of hearts across the globe.

“Thanks Montebello Police Department, things like this are what the communities all over this country need. Thank you for the example! God bless and stay safe!” Brian Dalen, a Facebook user shared his positive sentiments on the post.

“This officer is a saint! All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his Independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good Job Officer,” Angie Brand, another Facebook user, said, commending the officer for his actions.

“Josset is a cool guy, he’s what an officer should be, he stopped by the park a few weeks ago had nice and friendly attitude.” Another Facebook user, Joseph Giron said, sharing a testimony of officer Josset’s good-natured character.

Truly, officer Josett is not only a commendable police officer but an excellent human being as well. His kind decision and compassion for the old man is a beautiful and touching reminder that despite the commotion people cause, they are still people who are simply facing problems. May we always see each other as a fellow human being who need simply need to be understood at difficult times!

Learn more about officer Josett’s heartwarming story by watching the video below! See for yourself why the kind police officer has become a hero in the eyes of the 92-year-old Jesus Ranger.

Photos and Video | Montebello Police Department and CBS Los Angeles

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.