Pizza delivery guy asks to play family’s piano, leaves everyone stunned

Indeed, you shall not judge a book by its cover. Who would have thought that a simple 18-year-old pizza deliveryman has superb piano skills? The musically talented pizza deliveryman went viral on various social media sites after taking his customers’ breaths away with his surprising piano skills!

Bryce Dudal, the 18-year-old pizza deliveryman, is a hardworking and responsible staff of Hungry Howie. It seemed like a normal Wednesday for him when he was on his way to deliver a Pepperoni pizza to the Varchetti family. After giving the family the pizza they had ordered, a grand piano inside their home captured Bryce’s attention and interest.

The young deliveryman asked the family if he could have a good look at the beautiful piano, and the family gladly welcomed him. Afterwards, Bryce asked if he could also play the piano, the Varchetti family graciously granted his request.

It was at this moment that Bryce blew the family away with his great piano performance. He played the third movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which he had learned only from his memory.

“He was just beyond good,” Julie Varchetti said in an interview.

Mesmerized, Julie captured the young deliveryman’s performance in a video, which later on, she posted on Facebook. In less than 24-hours, Bryce’s magnificent performance garnered more than 4000 reactions and shares!

Bryce’s piano performance did not only touch Julie’s heart, but as well as her 10-year-old son. In fact, her young child and his friend stopped playing video games to listen to Bryce’s piano.

“A lot of people sit down at the piano and play something slow and beautiful. But when I play for someone, I like to go all out,” Bryce shared, expressing his enthusiasm to the beautiful music a piano makes.

According to the young delivery man, he began playing music at a young age of 6 using his family’s small keyboard. After listening to complicated songs, he practiced recreating them, all by himself. Later on, he also took up piano lessons to further enhance his musical skills. Sadly, other interests took his attention over, and so he was not able to pursue his piano anymore.

The young and talented pizza delivery man is an incoming college freshman of Macomb Community College. In this institution, he will pursue his undergraduate studies on a baseball scholarship.

Bryce also shared that he enjoys surprising unsuspecting people with his talent in playing the piano.  “All they see is a pizza delivery guy.” Hence, he loves to give his all in every piano performance he has.

True enough, we can never tell what kind of stories a person have… What beautiful talent they can blow us away with… until we decide to stop judging one another from what our mere eyes can see. His story is a beautiful reminder that we can never judge someone based from their profession and appearance.

Watch the beautiful piano performance of the pizza delivery man below, and prepare to be blown away by his touching gift in music!

Photos and Video | WXYZ-TV Detroit

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