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Photo of exhausted firefighters resurfaces as California continues battle against wildfires

With the California wildfires officially declared as a major disaster, with a death toll of 42 as of Monday evening leaving thousands homeless. Reports state that only around 30% of the fires have been contained. With no end in sight yet, strong winds make the situation even harder than it already is.

Victims of this horrid flame literally ran for their lives leaving behind their possessions in search of safety. They couldn’t care less for their houses and properties going ablaze as the most important thing for them right now is that their families and loves ones are unharmed.

Despite the seemingly formidable enemy, the brave firefighters run towards danger and put their lives at stake to do the best that they can to contain the fire, limit the damages, and end the catastrophe as soon as possible.

Their heroic acts are continuously broadcasted all over the tv channels, radio, and social media. Support flowed from countless people around the world, including famous Hollywood stars like Val Chmerkovskiy from Dancing with the Stars, Kevin Hart, and Antonio Banderas.

“Once again the fire raze California. I want to send encourage[ment] to all the families of the people deceased and affected and also all the strength to the fire-fighting team.”, Antonio Banderas tweets.

Dancing with the Stars regular professional dancer, Val Chmerkovskiy, posted on Instagram:

“An image is worth a thousand words. I’ll add a few of my own. As our beautiful state burns there are the ones that are fleeing and those that are going towards the fire, literally. These brave men and women, are truly heroes. The courage, the compassion, and the sense of responsibility that these guys have is absolutely jaw dropping,” he continued. “This image is just a small glimpse of the reality of sacrifice that has to be made by regular people in a position of extraordinary proportion. This is what heroes are made of.”

Due to the recurrence of wildfires, it has become a sad accepted norm. Along with it is the tendency for people to forget the unwavering courage of the California firefighters in times of such peril.

The perfect reminder of the valiant act emerged in the form of a RESURFACED photograph of sleep-deprived fire fighters drained of all energy, and it quickly went viral. The picture taken last December and shared by the Kern County Fire Department on Instagram touched the hearts of many and quickly picked up traction online. The photo features the first responders from the Tehachapi Wildland Fire Crew 11 were taking a well-deserved break by sleeping on the grass after several 24-hour work shifts from battling the Thomas Fire in Montecito, California.

The photo went viral because it reminded everyone of the struggle the firefighters face. They need all the support and prayers they can get to keep this massive fire from further causing damage in California. Let us never forget the constant struggle and hardship they endure to keep the state safe. We continue to hope that the percentage of the fire contained grow significantly higher until all the flames are finally out.

More news, choppers protect fleeing motorists. Watch video below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.