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Study suggests people who share their beds with pets feel more safe and sleep better

The wonderful bond between human and dogs sometimes breaks ‘boundaries’. Because we treat dogs as family, it’s not unusual for us pet owners to let our fluffy companion jump right into our beds. There are mixed views about this though— not all owners want their dogs to be sleeping in their beds, and medical practitioners stated that dogs may disturb a good night’s rest which can have negative results physically and mentally.

However, a new study from the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic indicates those who cuddle with their cat or dog sleep better. According to researchers who surveyed 150 patients about their sleep habits and their pets, they found that those who sleep with their cat or dog feel more safe and secure. Only 20 percent reported being woken up by their pets and 41 percent said having their pets in bed actually helps them sleep better.

Read on to find out the other effects of letting your dog sleep in bed:

1. You’ll feel happier and relaxed

According Psychology Today, being near a dog increases our flow of oxytocin— a hormone associated with affection and happiness, also called the “love hormone”. Sleeping in bed with your dog gives you a “sense of relaxation, confidence, and psychological stability”. This is the reason why dogs instantly contribute to your happy and positive vibes.

2. You can beat insomnia

A dog’s presence makes you calmer and helps you sleep easier, according to studies. Because of a dog’s rhythmic breathing, dogs help you relax when it lies next to you in bed—or even just be in the same room with you. We all know that when we sleep better at night, it leads to a better day when we wake up.

3. You’ll feel safer

It’s natural for dogs to protect their owners. Dogs have an excellent sense of hearing and sense of smell. They tend to bark when someone rings your doorbell, of if they hear any disturbance outside your house. Even though not all dogs are perfect watchdogs, sharing bed with your dog even when you’re in deep sleep gives you the assurance that it’s a little safer when they’re around.

4. You’ll feel comfort

According to the study of Mayo Clinic proceedings, it was found that more than half (56%) of pet owners allow their pets to sleep in the same bed as them because it made them feel comforted. A dog’s gentle and loving company provides a good amount of comfort.

5. You’ll have extra warmth

Don’t you just love snuggles with your dog especially during a cold weather? Dogs have a body temperature three to six degrees higher than our own, making them efficient bed warmers. Dogs like to be near humans and when they curl up next to you, they’ll surely offer some extra warmth we might all need.

6. Your stress and anxiety can be relieved

It’s been proven that dogs can relieve anxiety and stress, recognized by medical professionals. Dogs have a contagious positive attitude and laid-back nature, which can make you feel calmer and lower your blood pressure. These benefits are not only limited to adults, because according to the website Medical News Today, children can also have reduced stress and anxiety by letting a dog in the bedroom. When people suffer from stress and anxiety due to traumatic events, therapy dogs are there to help them get through.

7. You’ll fight depression or have a reduced risk

As dogs help alleviate stress and anxiety, letting your dog sleep on your bed also reduces the risk or fight depression. Having a pet adds structure and routine to your day— which is important when you’re struggling with mental health. Dogs also depend on their owners for everything, and knowing that you’re needed may give purpose and meaning to your life. On top of it all, dogs give humans unconditional love and unwavering affection. Those wagging tails and morning cuddles in bed remind us that they appreciate and adore us, whatever our situation may be.

8. You’ll have stronger bond with your dog

Dogs receive the same comfort and love when you allow them to sleep in your bed, so it’s like a win-win situation when you have this sleeping arrangement! This extra moment with them will make their day, and you get to build a stronger connection.

Are you a dog owner? Do you let your pet sleep in the bed with you? Please share this article with all your dog-loving family and friends.

(Note: This article is for informational purposes only and not to be treated as a professional opinion or diagnosis.)

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Sunshiny SA, Kavitha

Thursday 6th of December 2018

My kitty sleeps near me... We feed off each other's energy and love..

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