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This Pennsylvania deli uses funny sign to warn speeding drivers of police in the area

This deli in Pennsylvania has its own unique and funny way of reminding drivers to slow down and avoid speeding tickets—ratting out the local police. 

So far, it has caught the attention of its intended audience, but what its owner didn’t expect is that the police will pick up on the ploy as well!

PJ’S Deli, Catering, and Bakery, a local business in Bridgeville, has a knack for making eye-catching signs with often funny messages. One of the signs they created was to warn drivers of police roaming the area.

Pam Wheat, the deli owner, put up a sign that said, “Slow down… the cop hides behind this sign” as a joke.

While the sign may seem to be undermining police efforts, it’s actually meant to assist them with their jobs by cutting down on dangerous driving.

The local police department eventually caught wind of Pam’s sign and had their own fun with it.

“It was put up as a joke, and they came and parked a cruiser behind the sign and took their own picture,” Pam said.

The police department shared the picture on Facebook and wrote in the caption, “Well… I guess the jokes on us!! SMH. Good one PJ’s Deli!!”

The store, located on Bower Hill Road, is an area known for speeding drivers. However, the police aren’t on the property often, which is why unruly motorists don’t get apprehended.

“We see accidents almost daily on our corner because it’s a bad intersection, but they do not use my property to hide so you can let that secret out of the bag,” Pam said.

The owner has a great relationship with the local police department, so she didn’t have any qualms about making it.

And the cops didn’t seem to mind because they all shared a good laugh when they spotted it.

“I thought this was great because it shows we can laugh at ourselves,” said Bridgeville Police Chief Chad King.

Officer King believes the community appreciates knowing that the police department has a friendly relationship with its residents. This amusing incident also breaks negative assumptions some people may have about the police in general.

“I think there’s a stigma out there that police officers are robotic, and I like to show that we interact well with the public and we like to have a good relationship with the public,” he said.

Pam loves making funny signs for the public, and this one about the police is just one of the many.

The witty deli owner also created a sign that read, “‘Come try ‘the worst food you’ll ever eat in your life according to some chick on Facebook,” after the restaurant received bad feedback from a customer.

The deli has also served up other iconic lines like:

It’s nice to see this collaborative sense of humor between PJ’s Deli and the police department!

These signs are guaranteed to give anyone who sees it a chuckle. Spread smiles by sharing this story with your friends and family.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.