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This gorgeous peacock cake that uses hundreds of cupcakes for the tail is a sure stunner at any party

Have you ever seen a piece of dessert that looks so good, you can’t bring yourself to take a bite?

That’s exactly the masterpiece that Malizzi Cakes & Pastries has crafted for a wedding held in August 2019—a “peacock cake” so intricately designed, it’s too good to eat.

The bride is fascinated with peacocks, so sisters Liz Malizzi Skokowski and Darlene Malizzi Tillman made an extraordinary tiered cake that can be considered an exquisite work of art.

The special dessert featured a blue peacock perched atop the cake, with its bright and colorful plumage represented by hundreds of edible feather-topped cupcakes that trailed down the cake onto the table.

The great thing about using cupcakes for the tail is that you can choose to use as many or as little as you need, depending on how many guests you have.

The peacock cake featured here uses chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, but you can always decide what you would want to use for your own event.

Amazingly, every single element on the peacock cake was handmade by these talented sisters. During the designing stage, they took into account the colors the bride wanted to use for her wedding and planned the shades for the feathers.

Once Liz and Darlene had decided on the final color palette, they began working on the cake’s parts.

“The topper was handmade out of fondant,” Liz told My Modern Met. “The three-tier cake took about three to four hours to create. The cupcakes and feathers took an additional three to four hours as well.”

The baking sisters airbrushed all of the feathers for additional texture.

Malizzi Cakes & Pastries also created a mini version of the peacock cake for those who need a more affordable alternative. This variant only has one layer of cake and has no cupcakes for the tail, only edible feather toppers. It’s the perfect option for those who want a peacock cake but are on a limited budget.

The business has also made simpler versions of their peacock cake that don’t feature a peacock figure on top. Though minimally designed, these pieces still have the elements of the bird on the cake, including peacock feathers and a tail still made from edible feather toppers.

The Douglassville, Pennsylvania-based bakery has been a family business for many years. The sisters are the designated designers of the cakes, but their mom, Lisa Malizzi, was the one who started it all. She used to make cakes only for family and friends before turning her hobby into a full-fledged business.

Malizzi Cakes & Pastries’ tasty and artistic creations are always on demand, so they advise customers asking for cake quotes that it might take them up to two weeks to respond. But if you have an urgent question, you can call their shop at 610-689-8034 and leave a message.

They also book up quickly during graduation season and around the holidays, so make sure you order your cakes in advance.

You can follow Malizzi Cakes on their website and Instagram to see their other stunning cake designs.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.