Fellow passengers cheer stranded soldier who was watching wife give birth to their baby via FaceTime

It is common knowledge that in the quest to serve the country and the world, soldiers have to make a lot of sacrifices. These sacrifices do not only involve the admirable and selfless act of dying for the country that comes in serving in the army.

In addition to their mortal life, soldiers sacrifice a lot of wonderful moments and life events their loved ones would have wanted to witness with them.

Brooks Lindsey, a 25-year old soldier training and based in Texas, is not only an admirable man serving the country but is also an expectant first-time father. Apparently, his 22-year old pregnant wife, Haley was suffering from preeclampsia. With a spiked blood pressure, Haley had to be induced before complications arise. Thus, Brooks was informed that his wife will give birth a lot sooner than expected.

From Texas, the expectant father was trying to fly to Brandon Mississippi as quickly as possible in order to witness the birth of his first child.

Unfortunately, try as he might, Brook’s flight home got delayed due to maintenance concerns. Disappointed that he will not make it to the hospital in time, Brooks’ heart was about to shatter into pieces.

Fortunately for Brooks, a fellow passenger, Jane Carpenter from Flora, Mississippi, sensed that something is wrong with the young soldier. Carpenter cannot help but inquire about the problem that seems to concern Brooks. After learning about the dilemma Brooks was facing, Carpenter instructed him to call his mother who is inside the delivery room to use Facetime. The soldier was ready to do anything just to see his wife deliver his first child- even if the experience won’t be up close and personal.

Since Brooks’ mother knew how important the moment is for her son, she sneaked her phone with the Facetime app on by hiding it initially inside her shirt. When the obgynie doctor assisting Haley’s delivery noticed what was going on, Brooks’ mother explained the situation and showed her the worried face of the soldier flashing on the screen.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, the compassionate doctor told them to bring the phone out just so Brooks could have a good view of the delivery.

Brooks’ wife, Haley can still remember how her husband would assure her that she is okay and is doing a good job during delivery.

It is at this moment that Tracy Dover, a fellow traveler, spotted Brooks who was still wearing his camouflage uniform, sitting in a corner with his eyes glued to his smartphone. Tracy couldn’t help herself but take a photo of the emotional father as he watched one of the most important moment in his and his wife’s life.

“I look over and I see him sitting there and he’s on the phone. Then I hear the sounds coming from the phone that sounds like doctors and nurses, and someone having a baby,” Tracy recalls in an interview. “I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, his wife is having a baby over the phone!’ He’s sitting there wiping his eyes and my heart just breaks. I wanted to fix it so bad for him, and there was nothing that we could do but to let him have his time.”

Tracy was not the only one who expressed support to the soldier, other passengers gathered to see what was happening.  And even though the people in the airport did not know Brooks and his family personally, their hearts cannot help but feel for the soldier. They too held their breaths in excitement as Brooks’ daughter, Millie, became a part of this world.

“I could hear people in the airport talking and cheering, Haley recalled. Just as when their daughter was crowning, Brooks informed his wife that he is instructed to board the plane. The kind-hearted doctor exclaimed not to let him board the flight as his daughter is about to come out in a matter of minutes or less.

Thankfully, the airport personnel allowed Brooks to sit and watch until his wife gave birth to their adorable daughter. Just a bit later, Millie popped unto this world and the passengers with Brooks celebrated and cheered.

Brooks’ photo, captured by Tracy, was posted on the latter’s personal social media account to remind every one of the sacrifices our soldiers make. The photo circulated online and garnered more than hundred thousands of shares, a testament of the people’s appreciation and admiration.

Sadly, what happened to Brooks Lindsey is a common story to the people serving the army. Indeed, soldiers do not only brave battlefields, they have matters of the heart thy need to fight for as well.

Watch to witness the heart-tugging yet blissful footage of Brooks Lindsey, a soldier, who did not let unfortunate circumstances stop him from witnessing the birth of his first child.

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