Stop Trying Hard To Please People

You ought to spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and a little less time trying to please people.  — Unknown Advertisements


Victim or Adventurer

“I can choose either to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.” — Paulo Coelho


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. — Nietsche

Not Everyone

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes they are only there long enough to teach you the lessons that you needed to learn. — Unknown Recommended Books: The Secret: The Power In The Garden of Thoughts

The Things You Feel

You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you can’t close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel. ― Johnny Depp

All That You Are

Believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. — Christian Larson  

It’s OK

It’s okay not to be perfect.  It’s ok to make mistakes.  It’s ok to do something that you wish you hadn’t done, because if you hadn’t done those things, we never grow.  — Dawn Stanyon  

Don’t Hang Out With Toxic People

Once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less. — Unknow     GENTLE REMINDERS: