Artist repaints dolls to make them look more ‘realistic’, and the result is amazing

As much as we enjoyed playing with dolls as little girls, we know how unrealistic their physical appearances could be. These toys typically sport slim bodies, flawless skin usually packed with makeup, and perfect facial features that even movie stars will envy. We failed to recognize this as children because all we cared about then

A French bulldog is wearing a different Halloween costume every day this month

As if dogs couldn’t get any cuter, this couple from Dallas thought of dressing up their pup in different Halloween costumes as the holiday approaches. Toad—also known as @goodboy.toad on Instagram—is putting smiles on the faces of his 15.9K followers with his dazzling Halloween ensembles. By following the “#toads31daysofhalloween” hashtag on the platform, fans can

Dad is overwhelmed by the worldwide reaction to 3 family photos he posted on social media

We take photos because we want to remember the special—and sometimes, even mundane—happenings in our lives. Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries; you name it, families surely have an album full of photos taken from these remarkable milestones. It’s no different for this family from Belfast in Northern Ireland. When Ciarán Shannon shared photos of him and his

Senior cat brothers aged 21 find new home after ‘special appeal’ posted

Everyone deserves to spend their twilight years in a happy and nurturing environment, including our beloved companion animals. Two cat brothers in the United Kingdom named Leon and Nikita—both aged 21—were recently displaced from their homes because they “were not coping with family life.” Thankfully, due to a massive social media campaign by well-known animal welfare

This clever street artist paints fake shadows to playfully trick passersby

Something peculiar is happening around Redwood City, California. If you take a stroll around the area and observe the surroundings, you’d feel that something’s not quite right, particularly the shadows. Why do they look so different, like they’re from a cartoon? The shadows in downtown Redwood city aren’t behaving as you would expect them. Bike