Adorable panda cub at National Zoo is winning hearts with his relaxed yet feisty attitude

This adorable panda cub is winning the hearts of keepers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute with his chill yet feisty attitude. They haven’t named it yet, but a DNA swab during his first medical exam confirmed that he was a boy. “Since panda cubs are teeny, teeny, tiny, all of those

This man donated his 25K baseball cards to a 9-year-old girl who lost her collection in a wildfire

When the massive Creek Fire hit the Sierra National Forest in California, Reese Osterberg’s Fresno county home was burned to the ground. Thankfully, her family—along with their livestock—have evacuated to safety before the blazes encroached upon their residence last month. The 9-year-old girl is devastated by the loss of their home, but her grief multiplied

Sheriff’s office shares touching anecdote to shed light on what police officers do every day

This heartwarming anecdote from the Clinton County IL Sheriff’s Office might just change put a smile on your face today. Clinton County police officers are being recognized for going above and beyond their duty to care for a child in protective custody. One officer shared the heartwarming story through a Facebook post. “You won’t see

Tim Tebow visits homeless shelter with 50 pairs of shoes, also ends up giving away the pair he was wearing

Have you ever met a person so full of compassion that he’d willingly take the shoes off his feet and give it to someone in dire need? That’s Tim Tebow for you. Recently, the athlete and outspoken Christian visited a homeless shelter in Phoenix. Aside from seeing how the residents were doing, Tebow went there

After 14 boys, Michigan family finally welcome first baby girl to the family

Have you ever waited three decades for something to happen and live to see it materialize? I’m sure only a few lucky people would say they have, including this couple from Michigan. Kateri Schwandt and Jay Schwandt, both 45, have a growing household. They have 14 sons, and they recently welcomed another bundle of joy

Cheerleader gets welcome home parade, returns to field after double leg amputation

Although faced with the hardest battle of her young life, this teenage girl from Syracuse, Utah, never once let her spirit dwindle even after a double leg amputation. Sarah Frei, 17, and her friends were on their way home from Bear Lake in July when the unthinkable happened. A truck coming from the opposite direction

8-year-old with muscular dystrophy surprised with Halloween costume to fit his wheelchair

Aside from all the candy, what makes Halloween exciting is getting the chance to dress up however we like. And although we can’t celebrate the holiday like we used to, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our costumes, too. This 8-year-old boy from Rhode Island had a simple request for Halloween this year: