He spent the whole day making a pet door, now watch his cat’s first attempt to go through it

Just like how a parent is to a child, pet owners will do and give everything for the happiness of the animals they treat as a family. For some owners, this includes providing all the needs of their pets. In the case of Brian, this involves installing a cat door for his pet’s convenience.

Brian Rickett of Cabot, Arkansas wanted nothing but the best for his cat named Philo. And since Philo is a cat who enjoys getting his daily dose of air from their yard, Brian thought of installing a cat door just for him. Thinking that Philo would be happy for his thoughtfulness, the sweet cat owner bought a brand new cat flap and spent an hour and a half installing it on their door.

Satisfied at his neat installation, Brian was eager to present the brand new cat door to Philo. Brian also wanted to capture Philo’s raw and genuine reaction upon seeing his exclusive door for the first time, so Brian grabbed his camera to immortalize the moment.

“Good kitty… Try your new cat door!” Brian said, encouraging Philo to step inside their home through the newly-installed cat flap.

The expectant Brian was thrilled to see Philo walking towards the door of their home. But his thrilled reaction was quickly replaced with bewilderment when his cat barely even glanced at the flap he personally installed. Uninterested, Philo did not even bother to check out the foreign flap on their door nor sniff at it. Instead, Philo decided to use the actual door like he normally does.

The uninterested but totally adorable Philo stood-up on his hind legs and cleverly used his front paws to pull down on the door’s handle to crack it open. Afterwards, Philo quickly disappeared inside, leaving the stunned and speechless Brian.

Apparently, since Philo already knows how to open a door on his own, he doesn’t really need a cat flap in the first place. But hey, it’s the thought that counts right?!

Finding the humor in the situation, Brian decided to share the footage of Philo’s reaction towards his cat-flap on YouTube. In just a matter of time, the video reached more than 16 million of views! A lot of YouTube users also left comments about Philo’s charming and adorable reaction.

“WOW I DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING!” A YouTube user said, clearly caught off guard by Philo’s amusing gesture.

“Typical cat logical reasoning; god job to the human who filmed it.” Another Youtube user shared, used to cats’ antics.

“Human, I saw you work on this door thing. Let me test it out for you. Yup, door works w

ell as usual. Good job. Now come in and feed me.” Another Youtube user who knows very well how cats think, voiced out in the comment section.

Well, Brian, Philo’s thoughtful and sweet owner, really has nothing to feel down about. In a follow-up video, Brian happily shares a footage of Philo successfully passing through the cat flap after two days of its installation! Hooray!

WATCH and SHARE the hilarious footage of Philo’s initial reaction towards the cat door Brian worked hard to install. His unexpected reaction will surely give you more reason to love cats’ adorable antics!

Photos and Video | Philo Cat

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