People Who Finally Opened Their Eyes

I refuse to stay in something that isn’t real. I’m through pretending. I’m through fighting alone. You’re only real when it benefits you. You only care when I walk away. The only time you make me feel perfect is when I am hiding my imperfections. I DESERVE BETTER. My heart deserves a love that comforts my insecurities. Life is too short to settle. I didn’t change… I just opened my eyes. — Trent Shelton

Man walking at sunset


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2 thoughts on “People Who Finally Opened Their Eyes”

  1. I don’t know how old you are but , You need to live for yourself … not for the search or need for another in your life . Don’t settle .. respect yourself and choose someone who is worthy of you .

  2. You will learn a lot about yourself by being alone don’t be afraid to be alone.
    Learn new things , try new things … broaden your mind and grow within yourself … you are all you truly have . Make yourself smart and strong .

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