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Virtual memorial was created for people to honor loved ones who died from coronavirus

As of today, more than 800,000 have tested positive for the virus and 50,000 people have lost their lives to the pandemic in the United States. The coronavirus took away fathers, mothers, sons, sisters etc. It did not discriminate it devastated both young and old.

So many families are grieving and adding to the loss is the lack of closures when it comes to relatives saying their final goodbyes. Almost all hospitals have banned hospital visits to prevent relatives and other patients from spreading the virus.

CNN created an online memorial for people to honor their family members or friends who have died because of complications from Covid-19. It’s also giving an avenue for those who are grieving to post photos, share stories and celebrate the life they lived to honor their memories.

As of this moment, hundreds have started flocking to the site and writing their tributes. Here are a few of those memorial tributes that have shown up on the CNN site:

Joe Lewinger

Maura Lewinger says her husband, Joe, wrote her love letters every morning and left them in her lunch box. In his final moments, doctors held the teacher’s phone over him as she played their wedding song.

Joe Lewinger with his family

Kious Jordan Kelly

Kious was an assistant nurse manager at Mt. Sinai Hospital. “He was amazing,” his sister Marya Sherron says. “Anyone that knew him, his smile, everything about him, spoke for itself.” Kelly, who suffered from asthma, tested positive for Covid-19 on March 18. “I found out he was sick and in the ICU at the same time,” Sherron says. Kelly texted his sister, saying he couldn’t talk because he wasn’t able to breathe. “I love you, going back to sleep,” Kelly texted. It was the last text message his sister received from him.

Kious Jordan Kelly

Leilani Jordan

As the novel coronavirus began to spread, Leilani Jordan could have quarantined herself. The young woman had cerebral palsy, her parents Zenobia and Charles Shepard say. Working as a grocery clerk made her particularly vulnerable, but she insisted on going to work to help the store’s elderly customers.

Leilani Jordan

You can read more personal stories of relatives and friends celebrating the lives of those they loss to the pandemic on CNN. If you have someone you’d like to honor, share their story using CNN’s memorial page and fill up the form HERE.

Stay strong everyone. Remember that this too shall pass and always say I LOVE YOU to your lovedones.

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