When asked about the secret behind their marriage, the wife said ‘My Patience’

Marriage is the ultimate union of two person who vowed to stay together through thick and thin. Ideally, marriage should bind couples so that they shall never be separated again.

However, a recent study shows that half of the 21st century married population of the US ended up in Divorce.

Is there such thing as a secret ingredient to have a married life that can withstand every trials and challenges? Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the married couples of the older generation.

It is no secret that Japan is known for having a plethora of senior citizens living for more than hundred years. As a country boasting a healthy lifestyle and a rich environment, Japan is the number one country in the world with the lowest mortality rate.

Just recently, Japan was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records for having the world’s oldest living married couple. Masao Matsumoto, aged 108, and Miyako Matsumoto, aged 100, have been together for a total of 81 years since they were married on October year 1937.

When asked about the secret behind their long-lasting marriage, Miyako happily shared the reason why their relationship lasted for more than 80 years. “I am so glad. It’s thanks to my patience, really,” Miyako revealed laughing as she, together with Masao and their family, received a framed certificate from the Guinness World Records.

The newly proclaimed world’s oldest living married couple, Masao and Miyako received their distinct award at the nursing home they are staying in, which is located in Takamatsu, Kagawa prefecture Japan.

“I am so grateful that it brings me tears,” Miyako tearfully said, expressing how thankful she is for the long-lasting relationship she has with her dedicated husband.

As revealed by the oldest living couple, Matsumoto and Masao never had a formal wedding because Masao had to be sent as an overseas soldier during world war II.

Still, that did not deter the old couple into having a big family. Believe it or not, just this month of August, their 25th great-grandchild was born and welcomed to their ever-growing family.

“They’ve entered the last chapter of their life. It was an honor (for them) to receive this award. I would love them to continue living a peaceful life,” Hiromi, the oldest living couple’s thoughtful daughter shared her sentiments in an interview. Obviously happy for the recognition that her parent’s love story is receiving around the world.

In our generation today, it is easy to simply give up on our partners when things are not going the way we want it to.

Fortunately, we have the married couples from the older generation that can inspire us to sustain a healthy romantic relationship such as theirs. Indeed, just like what Miyako said, patience is needed to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

As the old saying goes, with love and patience nothing is impossible, not even conquering an elusive forever in the arms of the one you committed yourself to love!

Watch the inspiring video of Masao and Miyako below and learn more about their secret behind having a loving and understanding relationship that has withstood more than 8 decades worth of challenges, disagreements, and trials!

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