NYPD showed their gratitude to out-of-state healthcare workers who volunteered to help out New York

You heard about these healthcare professionals from all over the country who flew to New York, armed with compassion and steely-eyed determination. Before they left on Wednesday, NYPD put up a pleasant surprise for the valiant team who responded the NYC’s fast-growing health crisis.

As of Wednesday night, there have been 258, 589 confirmed cases of COVID-19 patients in New York along with more than 141,236 in New York City. The city’s health department also reported 15,302 people in the state who have died with COVID-19.

Ever since the photo went viral on social media, people showered everyone in the flight with messages of encouragement, praise, and gratitude. Some commenters even prayed for their health and safety.

The healthcare workers who came to NY to help them fight coronavirus.

“My heart is full! THANK YOU to these selfless workers—and to you, Southwest!” One comment said.

The kind healthcare workers wanted to respond to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s request to health care professionals from all over the country.

More than three weeks have passed ever since the photo of these brave healthcare professionals, and we’re now hearing their battle stories. They’re all bound to go back to their homes, and all of New York have started expressing their gratitude.

NYPD officers gave a heartwarming farewell salute to the out-of-state health professionals checked in Park Central Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Members of the NYPD lined up as the health workers made their way to their last shift before heading home.

NYPD salute to volunteer healthcare workers.

The street was filled with the echoes from each clap of NYPD officer. You can tell that the health workers passing by were cracking a smile despite the masks covering their faces.

All volunteers who came to New York were deployed to area hospitals spread across the state. Jackson Anderson, one of the volunteer healthcare professionals from Orlando, felt that NYPD’s effort to uplift their spirits is what they exactly needed. “That’s what get us through our day, the NYPD, the FDNY, they’ve been great, seeing people in the high rises clapping, beating their pans together,” he said.

These volunteers went through physical and emotional exhaustion during their time of service. With the high number of COVID-19 cases and a limited number of people in the front lines and medical supplies, New York is fortunate to receive assistance.

NYPD clapping.
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All the health workers had to leave their families behind. Most of Anderson’s fellow volunteers experienced a tremendous amount of stress while treating patients. NYPD Dermot Shea received Anderson’s letter and agreed to his request for a memorable send-off. “I thought it was the right thing to do. So many people across the country have reached out to us and helped us, it was a nice way to send them back home.” Shea remarked.

NYPD also escorted the volunteers to their respective hospitals for their last shift. Once all the health workers are cleared from their quarantine, they will finally get to see their families back at home.

Watch how the NYPD gave a simple yet thoughtful send-off for volunteers soon to head home: