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New York Police Department officer adopts dog she rescued from hot car

NYPD officer Aruna Maharaj once saved a helpless dog from a hot, locked car. Just a month after, she adopted this dog and is now happily looking after him.

On June 18, New York Police Department’s 19th Precinct received a call about a dog locked in a car. When the officers came to rescue the dog, they found out the dog has been locked in the car for over two hours.

The NYPD officers hurriedly broke the window of the front passenger side and rescued the distressed dog from the back seat. They gave him some water and treats, knowing how hungry and thirsty it would be after being stuck in an oven-like car for a couple of hours.

It was very hot that day and temperatures can rise inside parked cars. Thanks to the concerned residents who saw the pup and immediately called 911.

“Our cops responded discovering the car off, windows shut & distressed dog. They broke the window, got pup out & off to a vet for care. Criminal investigation continues,” reads the 19th Precinct’s tweet.

The veterinarian said the dog was healthy and didn’t need further medical attention. The car’s owner, a 26-year-old man was charged with one count of animal cruelty.

Finally, the dog was free from any cruelty and was handed over to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The dog would stay there and be looked after until he found a new home.

Luckily for the dog, the wait wasn’t very long. Just after a month, Officer Aruna Maharaj, one of the officers that rescued him, adopted the lovely dog.

The kind officer apparently adored the dog and decided to give him a new home and a new family that will look after him and give him the good life he deserves.

NYPD 19th precinct was very happy to witness the dog’s happy ending and was grateful for Maharaj’s commendable act of kindness.

Now that they know he’s in good hands, they are confident that this dog will never be neglected again.

The Humane Society of the United States advised people not to take matters into their own hands if they see an animal trapped in a car.

Instead, they should call the authorities and not do anything that will put them in danger or in any liability.

As for pet owners, they said it is best to leave their pets at home when it’s very hot and they can’t take them inside the place they are going.

This amazing story touched many hearts on the Internet and they were all very happy for the dog as he found his forever home. One Facebook user, Norma Fox Wright wrote, “God bless this officer for the adoption of this gorgeous dog that just wants to be loved.”

Another commenter, Pene Jane said, “The joy of the pup smiling in the photo tells the story of a very loving bond between them already. It’s wonderful!”

While a lot of people were touched by the officer’s kindness, some of them were also concerned about animal owners leaving their pets in locked cars, especially when the temperatures are high.

Sadly, this situation is not really common and animals go through different kinds of abuse, cruelty, and neglect from humans.

Not only stray animals are susceptible to pain and suffering because of some pet owners’ negligence.

Some even die of starvation and agony. Nonetheless, there are still many people, like Officer Maharaj, who are willing to save animals and treat them with so much love and compassion.

To learn more about this story please do watch the video below:

If you want to the actual rescue video see below:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.