Nurses and volunteers who love to crochet turn preemies into cute ‘bunny babies’

The Easter season has come upon us once again, and while there are colorful Easter eggs and bunnies scattered everywhere, a Dallas hospital has thought of a cuter way to celebrate this occasion – by turning their newborn patients into baby bunnies!

“Happy Good Friday guys! My name is Christian, which I’m told is a pretty good name for this special day. Honestly, most days are good when you are this cute, wearing bunny ears, and being taken care of by these nurses. OK, nap time!”


The group responsible for this project is “Hooked on Preemies”, which is composed of NICU nurses and volunteers at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, who dedicate their extra time in making crocheted caps for premature newborns.

Their work began last December when they launched the Christmas cap project for these infants. They wanted to make sure that the hospital’s preemies and their families feel the holiday spirit even when they are stuck at the NICU.

“Hi everyone, I’m Ka’Mari. I’ve got my palms up for Palm Sunday! One week til the Bunny shows up!!!”


Through a team effort, the NICU nurses were able to produce dozens of dainty, little Santa hats for the precious infants. They shared the adorable photos on their social media pages for everyone to enjoy, and it became an instant hit! The pictures earned so many positive responses from people all over the country, that they’ve decided to replicate an Easter version of the project.

“Hi there, my name is Ava but you can call me Little Miss Cotton Tail if you want.”


Instead of Santa hats, they crocheted head-wear with bunny ears to match the current season. Each family who has a preemie in the NICU will receive a photo of their baby wearing these adorable creations, which are theirs to keep. The goal of this program was to make the holiday special for these families, while also providing a souvenir that will remind them of their baby’s first days in this world.

“Hey ya’ll! My name is Jake. The time for hibernating is over. Spring is here!”


The hospital has shared one photo of a baby bunny every single day until Easter Sunday, and the snapshots coupled with the witty captions couldn’t be any cuter! The posts have received an overwhelming number of positive comments and reactions from people who’ve see them, and it’s easy to see why. Looking at these baby bunnies sleeping is guaranteed to make anyone smile and wish that they could still enjoy peaceful slumbers like these angels do!

“Happy Monday everybody. I’m Jonathan. Make sure the nurses know I’m wayyy too cute for carrots!”


What an incredibly thoughtful gesture from the NICU nurses and volunteers! An often sad and stressful time became something memorable for these families, and it is all because of this display of kindness from the staff. We hope to see more hospitals implement these kinds of programs, so that hospital stays could be less somber and a little more brighter.

“I’m Edward. Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on the way! Listen, I may have floppy ears, but there are no bad hare days around here.”


Can’t get enough of these cute baby bunnies? You may follow the hospital’s Instagram to see more of them!