Last year’s National Geographic award winning photos now free for download

Every year, National Geographic holds a nature photo contest where talented photographers all across the world may submit one-of-a-kind images of nature.

And, as expected, nature photographers deliver spectacular photographs of animals, sceneries, or nature taking its course.

The winning photos are posted on National Geographic’s official website where they would be available for free download as wallpapers. Here are some of the winning photographs for the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest:

“While on safari in mana pools national park, zimbabwe, i was following a bull elephant on foot with my guide. the idea was to photograph him in the beautiful golden light of the setting sun.” — VIKRAM GHANEKAR | Download HERE.

“A male orangutan peers from behind a tree while crossing a river in Borneo, Indonesia. Rampant palm oil cultivation threatens this critically endangered ape, forcing the normally arboreal species to resort to unusual behavior—such as wading through crocodile-infested rivers—in order to survive.” — JAYAPRAKASH JOGHEE BOJAN | Download HERE.


“A vibrant scene of life off the coast of los angeles, california.” — ADAM MARTIN | Download HERE.

“Sadly, up to 100 million sharks are lost every year, mainly due to overfishing and the high demand for shark fin soup. Sharks signify a balanced marine ecosystem. It is my hope that images such as this will help raise awareness for sharks and other marine animals throughout the world.” — RENEE CAPOZZOLA | Download HERE.


“A double-crested cormorant caught a fish in a local pond. To eat the fish, the cormorant decided to toss the fish into the air.” — GARY ZENG | Download HERE.

“An adult Caribbean pink flamingo feeds a chick in Yucatán, Mexico. Both parents alternate feeding chicks, at first with a liquid baby food called crop milk, and then with regurgitated food.” — ALEJANDRO PRIETO | Download HERE.

Download HERE.

“The Lion King chilling on Pride Rock watching the Sunset and over watching his Kingdom!” — HENRY CHAN | Download HERE.


“A couple of days before I had noticed that weavers were starting to build their nests in a couple of trees. I came back periodically to check their progresses, and finally decided to take position. It took several hours of waiting, but patience was rewarded with a perfect shot of the action.” — FEDERICO RIZZATO | Download HERE.

“On this september morning, a wildebeest eating grass intersected the sun coming out of the horizon, creating this image. It was one of the most beautiful sunrise I had seen so far.” — JAY RUAN | Download HERE.

“Great White Shark at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.” — ALEJANDRO CUPI Download HERE.


“This photograph is taken at Ecuador . Its very difficult to take sharp photograph of hummingbird when the bird is in action.” — SANJEEV BHOR | Download HERE.


“It was a beautiful day which made this capture seem like a the gannets were up in the clouds. the background fills the frame with hundreds of gannets and a clear blue sky.” — DAMILICE MANSUR | Download HERE.

“The youngs fly every winter in my hometown to find new open grounds where small rodents are abundant.” — SIMON THÉBERGE | Download HERE.

“Sunsets like this last only a few seconds. So, we positioned the vehicle hoping that this zebra would walk across just at the right moment. It was serendipity, I guess, getting the sun and zebra in this way.” — MANISH MANDHYAN | Download HERE.

These extraordinary photographs show how magical our world can be. If you want to view all of the images, you can visit: National Geography

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