This Multi Functional Bed is the Ultimate Grown Up Playground You’ll Never Want to Leave

How many times have you felt like staying in bed all day?  An extremely comfortable mattress, warm sheets, and fluffy pillows often conspire to keeping you in for a few more minutes of shut eye even on busy days.  But what if you had a bed with all the bells and whistles, would you ever get up?

Not with this bed!  This extremely functional bed has tons of cool and ingenious features that you won’t ever want to step off at all!

Photo via Siam Trend Shop

Widely available among a number of Asian retailers, the bed can be customized and has tremendous storage capacity.  For those who want to work from bed, there are plugs and USB sockets to charge cellphones, laptops, and other gadgets. It even has a laptop table that flips up for easy access.  If you work at home, there’s no need to get up and move to a desk, or bring a folding table to the bed.

Photo via China Hao

Music-lovers will have a blast with the built-in speakers that can play songs directly from various devices.

Tired from a day’s work?  How many times have you said that you are so harassed that you need to relax, have a drink, or get a massage?  Have you ever tried those massage chairs at the mall? Good, right? Well, this bed has a built-in massage chair! There’s no need to head out and look for a spa.  This bed can rub your tired muscles and massage your stress away, with your favorite tunes in the background, before you get a good night’s sleep!

Photo via Siam Trend Shop

In addition to the exciting technical features, this fun bed also comes with all kinds of storage.  The bed frame lifts up, so extra pillows, pillow cases, blankets, and other linens can be stored underneath.  That opens up a lot of space in your closets. Side shelves can accommodate books for bedtime reading, gadgets, and other items necessary for anyone’s nighttime rituals.  Another nook can store valuables. Simply put, there’s a place for everything!

Since the bed is modular, it can be mixed and matched with various components, and the various elements can be moved around to suit personal needs and tastes. Clients can also choose from a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and surfaces, including a faux-leather finish.  The whole look of the bed can be customized to fit your personality and overall design of your home.

Photo via Siam Trend Shop

Unsurprisingly, this awesome bed does not come cheap.  Depending on the size of the mattress and choice of add-ons, models can range from $550 to a little over $1,000.  A bit pricey, but how much does one want to pay for ultimate comfort?

Photo via Siam Trend Shop

A smaller-sized bed has a mattress measuring approximately 4 feet 11 inches (150 cm) wide, while the larger option is up to 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).  Both beds are about 6.5 feet long (200 cm), giving most people enough leg room to get nice and comfy.

For the right customer, a solid comfortable mattress is certainly not enough.  Check out this video and see this multifunctional bed in action: