Mother gives birth to 13.5-pound giant baby as big as a toddler

All parents, moms especially, are excited to give birth to their newborns, but what if that bundle of joy weighs 13.5 pounds and is like the size of a toddler.

When Christine and Larry Corbitt found out that they were having a baby, they were overjoyed! Already raising four children, the thought of adding another member to their growing family was quite exciting for them.

The couple was mystified whether they were having twins or triplets. Having multiple babies at once is not unusual. In the US, Natalie Suleman became famous for giving birth to a full set of octuplets and the media dubbed her as “octomom”.


They were concerned they are getting more than one child. However, whenever they went in for an ultrasound, there is a single baby nestling inside Christine.

During her pregnancy, Christine knew that her stomach is quite larger than most moms. It expanded more than her previous pregnancies. The size peaked when she approached the end of her pregnancy.

On the day that she delivered her daughter Carleigh Brooke Corbitt, normal delivery seemed impossible so she opted for caesarean section. Her daughter’s weight is 13.5 pounds or almost 6 kilos.

Despite their concerns, the delivery went on smoothly without a hitch. But she added that she heard the doctor and nurses laugh in shock or surprise because of the size of her child.


“When they held her around the curtain for me I just couldn’t believe how big she was. I felt like I was looking at a toddler, I was like oh my God, she’s gonna walk to the nursery,” Christine told Inside Edition.

Christine later explained that during her pregnancy she learned that she had gestational diabetes, a condition that causes high blood sugar and can affect a baby’s health.

Women who are overweight are at higher risk for gestational diabetes, which is usually detected toward the later part of a pregnancy and often has no symptoms. The condition can be controlled with diet and sometimes medication. One complication can be excessive birth weight for the baby.

As soon as the nurses cleaned up Carleigh and checked her for immediate health issues, they rushed her over to the scale. This baby was one of the biggest they have ever seen.

“I couldn’t believe how big she was, she looked like a two-year-old! They put her face next to mine to let me kiss her. It was so happy,” Christine said in another interview with Today.

Carleigh’s birth gained attention and media rushed to the hospital requesting for an interview. Christine said that it was quite overwhelming.

Husband and dad Larry Corbitt claimed that the clothes they have prepared for Carleigh do not fit and has to promptly ready bigger clothes.

The family is all home together, Chrissy and Larry are just happy to have some time to enjoy the sizable — and adorable — newest addition to their family.

Marvel at Christine and Larry Corbitt’s giant baby in a cute video below.

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