Mom interrupts TV reporter son while he’s filming in hilarious encounter caught on tape

Our moms will always be our biggest fans. A TV reporter was recently reminded of this when his mother drove by to say “hi” while he was filming a news story.

In a clip of the funny encounter shared on social media by cameraman DeAngelo Byrd, Myles Harris, 30, can be seen standing on the sidewalk to record a segment for ABC affiliate WSYX.

He suddenly stopped mid-sentence when he saw a familiar vehicle driving toward him. Turns out, it was his mom, Sandi.

Myles Harris reporting

“That’s my mom, hold on,” Myles, who primarily covers news in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, told DeAngelo.

“Hi baby!” yelled an excited Sandi from her car, pulling up in front of Myles.

While the reporter was mortified, DeAngelo burst into laughter, finding the whole thing hilarious. Luckily for us, he kept the camera rolling to capture the entire moment on tape.

Myles Harris speaking to his mom Sandi Harris, who's in the car

“I’m trying to work right now and you’re over here calling my phone,” Myles told his mom, clearly frustrated. “This is DeAngelo, you can say hi. And don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you.”

Sandi, 62, seemed unbothered by her son’s annoyance over her interruption. She was just happy to see him at work!

The cheerful mother waved and said hi to DeAngelo and blew Myles a kiss before driving away.

Myles Harris

Myles, a Wright State University Alumni, joined ABC6/Fox 28 in 2021 as a multi-media journalist. He previously worked as a digital writer for Ohio 24/7.

He later shared the footage on his Instagram, writing, “Typical Sandi. Yes, typical Sandi… Thanks for @deangelodbyrd who kept rolling.”

So far, the funny video has been viewed nearly 830K times on Myles’ Instagram.

DeAngelo also shared the video on his socials.

“What a blessing to share such a joyful moment..” he wrote. “So happy I captured this and mama Sandi came by to show some love!! @mylestharris has a great mom!”

Sandi Harris and Myles Harris

Sandi has now become a viral sensation, with many people commenting on Myles’ post to share their reactions, including moms who say they’d probably do the same.

“Mom is the cutest! I don’t blame her, I would have done a drive by too!” wrote one.

“I absolutely love this. My mom would do the same thing, but with my luck she’d drive up on me during a live shot,” commented KSHB reporter Leslie DelasBour.

“Absolutely wonderful! I would do that to my grown daughter! Your mom loves you!” gushed another.

Other viewers were touched by the scene, saying they wished they had experienced it, too.

Sandi Harris and Myles Harris

“This is priceless, I WISH I had a moment like this on tape! Cherish it!!!” commented host Quincy Harris.

Sandi is obviously so proud of her son, often sharing pictures of Myles—who looks so much like her—on her Facebook account.

This adorable encounter between mom and son only proves that no one is too old to be their “baby.” It’s surely great to see this mother showing her boy some love.

Our moms will always be our biggest cheerleaders, and Myles is surely one lucky son to have one who is so proud of him!

Watch their hilarious encounter in the video below.

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