Lost dog can’t believe she’s seeing her owner again — until she smells him

Animals reuniting with their long lost owners are not entirely new. Yet, learning such stories never fail to warm the hearts of people. An example of this is the sentimental reunion of Pakita, a beautiful brown dog, and her long lost owner that took the internet by storm!

Just like any ordinary dogs, Pakita, who lives in Argentina enjoys, exploring her surroundings. Hence, it is no longer surprising to find out that Pakita regularly escapes from her yard to play outside from time to time. Unfortunately, during one of her adventures, Pakita failed to find her way home.

Lost and confused, poor Pakita tried retracing her tracks, sadly, it seemed like she had wandered too far. The beautiful brown dog found herself all alone in an area which is strange to her.

Luckily, Pakita was not left alone for too long. The people at the community where she was wandering found and brought her to an animal shelter. There, Pakita was given a warm meal and made sure that she was doing well. Confident that Pakita’s owner would look for her, the staff at the animal rescue shelter waited for her owner to arrive at their door.

While waiting for her owner, Pakita spent the days shriveled up in a corner while the staff thought of ways on how the dog will be reunited with her family.

However, due to her strong desire to be left alone, the staff found it almost impossible to take a good picture of her which they could use for a adoption-rescue poster.

Because of her reclusive nature and lack of good photos to attract potential new owner, people who were looking for a new member to add to their family always chose the upbeat and energetic dogs over Pakita. This went on and on and Pakita found herself staying in the rescue shelter longer.

Fortunately, the staff of the rescue shelter do not have the phrase ‘give up’ in their dictionary. With a determined heart, they eventually managed to take a good picture of Pakita.

Wasting no time, they posted her photo online to generate interested adopters. But rather than getting a possible adopter, Pakita’s photo captured the interest of her owner’s mother.

“Immediately, we get a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” Silvia Frreyra, a volunteer of the animal rescue shelter shared in an interview.

According to the mother, her son, Ariel Naveira, thought that he would never see his precious Pakita ever again.

Happy and excited to meet his long lost friend, the mother and son dropped by the animal shelter to check if the dog in the circulating poster was indeed Pakita.

Initially, Pakita hid behind the rescue shelter staff and showed no interest towards Ariel. But things spiced up when Ariel dropped to his knees and called out her name. Hearing her master’s call, Pakita sniffed hard towards Ariel’s direction and began whimpering.

And before they knew it, Pakita launched herself toward Ariel, the owner she had been longing to be with. Pakita jumped up and down from joy and showered Ariel with kisses.

Pakita then went on and let out an excited and happy bark- probably thrilled to know that she’ll finally be going home with her owner.

“From that moment there was no doubt,” Silvia said, expressing her affirmation towards Ariel.

“It was beautiful!” Ariel exclaimed. “I was sad to lose her, but to get her back was spectacular. There are no words to describe it.”

A year had passed and Ariel is pleased to inform everyone that since their tearful reunion, he and Pakita have been inseparable! Now, the adorable tandem is making the most out of life by creating meaningful experiences together.

“We are super happy,” Ariel concluded with a smile.

Watch the emotional video of Ariel and Pakita below and see how happy Pakita was after finally being together with the family she loves so much!

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