Amazon is selling a DIY 4-Person mini sauna for your backyard

Since we belong in a do-it-yourself generation, it isn’t uncommon for most people to embark on creating their own DIY projects. And for the passionate crafters out there, we bet that you already have several pins about this one from Allwood in your Pinterest accounts. 

To our dear DIY enthusiasts, we’re talking about the mini sauna. And if this project is included in your checklist, then we have great news for you!

Mini sauna good for four people.

Remember the viral tiny guesthouse that sold like hotcakes? That same company, Allwood, brings to us a sauna that you can build yourself. The Allwood Barrel Sauna is now available on Amazon for $4,950.

Why the barrel shape? The listing states that it is the ultimate shape for any sauna, as there will be lesser space to be heated as compared with a similarly sized room with corners.

Plus, this shape will allow for better air circulation. While it is compact and the model is designed for smaller spaces, this mini sauna will comfortably seat 4 adults – just perfect for an intimate detoxification party in your backyard.

Mini sauna.

The kit is made up of sturdy materials such as thick slow grown Nordic Spruce wood for frames, roof with shingles (which Allwood claims is their advantage versus other competitors), canopy, support cradles, industrial grade stainless steel bands, wood-fired sauna heater, steel chimney, heater guard and sauna stones, seating elements, floorboards, tempered tinted glass door, and air vents.

Amazon says that the kit can be shipped within four to five days, but Allwood says to allow about 30-40 days for complete delivery. Shipping is already free to contiguous 48 states.

Mini sauna good for 4 persons.

As of writing, the product has already received a glowing 5-star customer review on Amazon:

“I am very pleased with my purchase and received great treatment. Arrived ahead of schedule! I am very pleased with my purchase and received great treatment. My wife and I have Lyme disease and plan on a speedy recovery thanks to our new sauna. They also upgraded our unit to expedite delivery. Thank you, Allwood, you saved our lives!” the satisfied customer wrote.

Allwood also addressed several posted questions about the sauna on Amazon that might be useful for future buyers to know. To name a few, they mentioned that the structure must be stained or painted outside. The warranty on the sauna is 2 years against decay or rot for all wood parts.

This is the “BIGGER” size sauna.

Same goes with the heater and chimney (applicable to wood burning models only). It’s also important to note that accessories such as wall thermometer, water bucket, and ladle are not included in the kit.

It’s no wonder why DIY projects are such a craze these days. Tiny houses, mini saunas, knickknack holders, bath salts – you name it, you can DIY it!

Plus, being involved in do-it-yourself activities can be fun most of the time, and nothing beats the sense of fulfillment that you get after seeing your finished work.

It’s also a great way to relieve stress and cultivate your creativity – all while creating something that will be purposeful for you. And that right there is already a double win.