Melodramatic horse drops dead whenever someone tries to ride him

If there was a Best Actor award in the world of horses, this dramatic one from China would surely get it!

Since time immemorial, horses have played vital roles in the lives of humans. They have served as great companions for work, travel, and were used for war until the middle 20th century. There is no question as to the reliability of these majestic animals in the different areas of our lives.

But while we all know that they are powerful animals, it turns out that not all of them appreciate using their strength just to have humans ride their back – and this horse from China is the perfect example.


Jingang is a horse who would do everything it takes to avoid being ridden by humans, and he has found the most ingenious way to do so.

For whatever reason, he just doesn’t like people riding him around, and even with the presence of professional trainers, he just wouldn’t be persuaded at all.

Every time someone approaches him to try and clamber on his saddle, the horse suddenly falls to the ground in the most overly dramatic manner!


Footage of the clever horse throwing himself to the ground and “playing dead” whenever someone tries to mount him is currently going viral – which isn’t surprising considering how hilarious his antics are.

One local who was trying to teach Jingang at a ranch said: “It’s cute but naughty.”

The horse may have a future in acting, seeing how believably unconscious he looks whenever he falls to the ground. At times, he even leaves his hooves up in the air to achieve that extra dramatic effect.


If we’re honest, I believe we could all relate to Jingang’s behavior in some way. We’ve all been in a situation that we wanted to get out of but can’t, right? And if we had the chance to easily avoid it just like this horse did, I’m sure we would have done it!

Within three weeks of being shared on Facebook, a video compilation of Jingang’s tricks has already been viewed 23 million times! It’s not difficult to understand why this dramatic horse has gained so much popularity in the online world.

See for yourself by watch the video here.

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