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Man poignantly tattoos his mom’s final heartbeats on his arm in touching tribute

It has always been said that the bond between a mother and her children is forever. This has just been proven to be true by the 21-year-old Thomas Resch from Marysville, Washington. 

Thomas has just shown that nothing — not even death, could ever stop his love for his mom when he has proudly (and permanently) got a tattoo on his chest as a tribute to his mom.

The tattoo was of his mom’s last handwritten note for him together with her last recorded heartbeat: Her last note read: “I’m going to miss you A LOT” with an “I love you, Pic.”

Thomas had a really close relationship with his mom and that she used to call her ‘Pic’ – short for Pickle.

She wrote the note for him as he has moved out of their home, and, sadly, she passed just hours later.

According to Thomas, his mother loved writing and had a beautiful handwriting. However, since his mother’s first cardiac arrest, she found it hard to do some activities, including writing. For some, a simple note might not mean as much but for Thomas, her note truly meant something as he knew how challenging it might have been for her to write it down.

He also said that her mother has already accepted that she may not live as long after her first cardiac arrest. She was aware that she had a slight chance of getting through if she ever had another cardiac arrest incident. This has made her live her life to the fullest, to the best she can. She cherished every minute she had left and celebrated life more. Hosting parties and making holidays much more festive are just some of the things she put her effort into, as per Thomas.

Just like any typical mother, at first, his mom wasn’t a fan of his tattoos. But eventually, she has actually requested for an ink dedicated to her. Thomas already has a tattoo dedicated to his dad, but was not sure about the perfect tattoo to pick at the time for his mom. It seems that his mom has finally let him know exactly what she wants after passing.

Thomas wanted his mom’s actual writing to be copied exactly as it appeared on the note – scrawly and imperfect because it only showed how difficult it was for his mom to complete it.

He gathered his mom’s last recorded heartbeat from the FitBit she was wearing the day she died.

Thomas is an aspiring bodybuilder, he wore FitBit when he was training. He said he and his mom both wore one and she has always supported him. He wants to continue to work on his dreams and be a bodybuilder someday, as he knows that’s what his mom would want him to do – to chase his dreams and make it come true.

His mom was also excited about having a grandchild. When he moved out on from their home in January, it was because he has to prepare with his pregnant girlfriend.

It’s unsurprising that thousands of people from all across the world were touched by Thomas’ story; popular sites have even shared it. It’s a testament to how strong a love between a mom and her child can be.

It’s easy to see that Thomas’ mother wasn’t just a loving mother – she was a strong woman. A strong woman who lived her life to the fullest and embraced life with positivity despite being aware of how little time she got left.

In one of his tweets, Thomas thanked his mom for teaching him many things, including how to love. It’s evident that his mom did one of the greatest things any parent could do for her children – letting them know that they are loved, unconditionally.

Her unconditional love for her child was the perfect example in teaching him how to love. And he has undoubtedly returned the favor by showing the world how much he loves her, too.

It may be sad that Thomas’ mom didn’t get the chance to meet her grandchild, but with the amount of love she has showered Thomas with, it is certain he will be able to teach his child everything his mother has taught him, and without a doubt, her love for her grandchild will still shine.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.