Marine corps veteran finds puppy in a ditch and takes him in

It is sad that there are people who do inhumane things to dogs such as abandoning them and leaving them out in the cold. Luckily, there are people who have the heart to save and rescue these poor dogs and help them find their new home. One of these kindhearted people was Tegan Griffith, a Marine Corps veteran who happened to find a puppy in a ditch.


On Twitter, Tegan shared how she found a little puppy in a ditch while driving. According to Tegan, she was on her way to work when something on the side of the road caught her attention. There was something moving in the ditch.


Tegan wrote in her tweet, “We live in a rural part of the state. This is a road I take twice a day on my way to/from work. I know the branches and rocks and dead deer but something looked out of place. Then the branch moved.”

Out of curiosity, this Marine Corps veteran stopped to find out what it was. She was so surprised when a little dog popped out from the ditch. Lonely, cold and starving, the puppy snuck up behind her. She felt so sorry for the dog so she fed him with what she had in her car.


Tegan said, “It ran away from me at first. I went to find a snack in my lunchbox and it had snuck up behind me. All I had that would interest this little lover was a Sargento Cheese Balanced Breaks – the white cheddar/nuts/cranberry one. It was either that or salad.”

It was very cold in Wisconsin that day and the puppy was shivering. Looking at his soulful eyes, Tegan knew how much the dog needed her so she took him in her car and drove down to work.

Tegan wrote more details on her Twitter post, “I proceeded with my 40 minute commute to work. I’m a cat person and it’s been a long time since I’ve been around a puppy. I didn’t know what to do so I tucked him in my vest and took him in to get my laptop and other work items.”

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Fortunately, Tegan was allowed to work from home so she took the puppy to her house where he could get some warmth and proper food. At home, Tegan called the authorities right away.


She called two animal shelters and was so shocked by what she heard: “Oh, you found number 4!” Tegan learned from one of the animal shelters that the puppy she found has sisters.

She said, “It turns out little Larry (center) has three sisters! A very bad person (VBP) dumped them in a rural, wooded area not far from our home. His sisters were dropped off yesterday by an acquaintance of the VBP. Which means Larry stayed out overnight, alone.”


Saddened by what the siblings had to go through, Tegan was at the same time, very happy to see Larry overjoyed as he reunited with his sisters. The siblings stayed at the shelter and got examined by the veterinarian. They were also given necessary shots and treatment for dehydration and parasites.

As the story went viral, the Forest County Humane Society was granted more than $12,000 donations and received numerous calls from people who wanted to adopt the dogs. Larry, on the one hand, was adopted by Tegan and her partner.


Since then, Larry was well taken care of by Tegan and her partner. He also met their cat “King” who Tegan adopted while she was in the Marine Corps ten years ago.

She wrote on Twitter, “Larry with the Pink Collar will be a wonderful addition to our home and I hope this little “tail” about my day brought some good into your day.”

Despite all the sufferings Larry and sisters went through, they are still lucky to have their new homes and families, who will never leave them again.