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Kind manager lets boy with Down’s syndrome play cashier after spotting dad struggling

Going to the grocery store is fun for kids. But for parents, grocery trips sure can be a challenging task. Parents could never know what to expect from their kids whenever they go to the grocery due to the unpredictable nature of how kids behave.

Perhaps, all parents will agree that the hardest part is when it is time to check-out the items they have bought. With all the chocolates and candies within their reach, children can throw a fit if their sweet cravings wouldn’t be satisfied.

David Burke Jr., a doting father, knows how challenging going to the grocery store together with kids can be. Recently, his son, Jay, went viral online after walking up to the register line when something caught his interest.

The ten-year-old internet sensation who also has a Down syndrome went grocery shopping at the Tesco in Bradford, U.K with his parents. They were almost done with their agenda when Jay saw an unmanned cashier register. With his interest caught by the machine, Jay wanted to be the one to ring his family’s items up.

No matter how hard David and his wife tried, nothing can stop Jay from doing what he wanted. And when the store manager approached them, David thought that his son would be reprimanded. Fortunately, the store manager had something different going on his mind.

Instead of reprimanding the 10-year-old boy, the store manager opened a cashier register to let Jay ring the items his family needs.

David was moved by the store manager’s kind consideration that he quickly whipped out his phone to record the sweet incident. For parents of children with special needs, such consideration and understanding cannot always be expected from people. Thus, David and his wife are thankful for the store manager’s act of empathy.

Proud of his son and happy for the store manager’s kindness, David posted the video of Jay carefully scanning their items. Together with the video, was a heartwarming narration of what happened.

“Seeing me trying to persuade Jay to go to another till James the store manager came over and opened a till especially for us. He and his security manager then proceeded to let Jay scan our shopping to his delight … You guys are stars in our eyes.” David wrote together with the posted video.

Days after, Jay’s heartwarming video became viral! As of now, it has already reached 4 million views and thousands of likes. The father and son also received countless words of support from people all over the world.

“I work for Tesco and sometimes I get fed up of the negativity we received. Thank you for showing Tesco has a good side… Your son is amazing checkouts is hard and he did it like a pro. Well done young man” Stephanie Williams said, praising Jay for a job well done.

“The world would be a sadder place without children affected by Downs Syndrome, they teach us such a lot about being happy.” Jackie Reid said, expressing the important lesson in life children with special needs teaches us.

“I don’t see a young boy with Down syndrome, I just see a little lad doing something he likes doing with thanks to the lovely staff who made it possible, like all children should be able to he looks so happy to bless him.” Nikita Marie said, seeing pass Jay’s special needs.

Due to the positive reception and overwhelming support Jay’s video has received, David’s heart is beyond grateful. In a new Facebook post, David expressed his heartfelt words of thanks.

“WOW!!! Never when I shared our video did I expect it would reach this far or touch so many. Life can be a grind and I see my ray of sunshine brighten so many that I just had to share. Thank you for your overwhelming support and kind words. Jay is a true joy and we are happy to share him (no seriously, if you want him then come to get him).  Jay lives in the moment and I think we could all learn a lesson there xx”

Watch the viral video of Jay carefully manning the cashier register like a pro! See for yourself how this young boy moved the hearts of thousands of people all over the world thanks to the store manager who chose to be kind.

Photos and Video | David Burke Jr. 

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Tuesday 11th of June 2019

What a great man to let jay do that you go jay

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