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Missing dog cries out with joy upon seeing his dad after three years apart

When Mike Plas of Thunder Bay, Ontario, lost his dog Jack in 2015, his life had never been the same. The dog was so much more than just a pet. To him, he was like a brother.

Mike and Jack did everything together. He would even bring him to work half the time, and any time he’d go fishing, the dog was there. Jack was a constant presence in his life, no matter what he was doing.

The then 4-year-old husky and shepherd mix had been with Mike’s family since he was a puppy, and his disappearance devastated them.

The day he went missing, Jack had been tied up outside of Mike’s dad’s home. But by the time his mom checked on him, the dog was gone. Mike didn’t know if he had escaped or someone had taken him. All he knew was that he would never stop searching for his best friend.

He posted on social media, put up flyers, and talked to the people in his community. He also walked around the bushes and the highway to look for signs.

Mike scanned the streets everywhere he went, hoping that Jack will show up. Every time he would drive past his dad’s, he would always look around at the houses and get the feeling that he wasn’t really gone.

Even after almost four years had passed without seeing Jack, he never gave up hope. Mike knew that his pup was out there somewhere and that they would see each other again.

And he was right.

In 2019, Mike got “the greatest phone call” of his life while he was at work. The Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, called to tell him that someone had brought in a husky and shepherd mix at the shelter.

The dog was found along the same road where the facility was, and a driver decided to bring him in.

Luckily, the pup was microchipped, and its details traced back to Mike.

As soon as they confirmed that the dog was indeed Jack, Mike made the long drive to Winnipeg with his girlfriend and family. They stopped overnight to rest and arrived at the animal hospital the next day.

Mike Plas' reunion with his long-lost dog Jack

Mike waited in the lobby for his long-lost dog, and as soon as Jack saw him, he couldn’t help but whine with excitement upon seeing his dad!

Jack couldn’t stop licking Mike’s face as he happily wagged his tail. Mike said he felt like he was missing a part of his life without Jack around, but when they finally reunited, he instantly felt like everything was back to normal.

“I knew he was going to remember me. As soon as he saw me he was crying, jumping, he was kissing me, then he rolled on the ground. He’s crazy happy right now,” Mike recalled of the moment.

Despite it being a horrible experience, Mike learned something valuable from it.

“Never EVER lose hope,” he wrote in a Facebook post detailing their story. “I didn’t, and after four years apart in different provinces, we are together again.”

Mike is overjoyed to have a big piece of his life back. He is also grateful to everyone who helped bring Jack back home.

After their reunion, Mike and Jack rarely leave each other’s side to make up for all the lost time. This event in their lives has undoubtedly made them closer than ever!

Prepare some tissues and watch Mike and Jack’s emotional reunion at the animal hospital in the video below.

This story happened back in 2019, but it’s something that will always be worth going back to. Please share this story with your family and friends. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.