Man breaks down after being reunited with dog he has been searching for 4 years

For Mike Plas, the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” is definitely true, even after his dog went missing in 2015. Jack, his dog, was tied outside the house of Plas’ father.

When he asked his mother to check up on Jack, he was nowhere to be found. There was no sure answer as to where Jack went. He thought, maybe he escaped, maybe he was taken. These thoughts left him disheartened, but it didn’t stop him from finding his best friend.

Losing a pet dog is one of the most heartbreaking things a person will encounter. Everywhere Plas went, he made sure to check every corner and spot. He was always hopeful that Jack would just show up and be reunited with him again.

losing a pet dog

“I always called him my brother,” Mike told CBC. “Ever since I had him he’s never been not with me. I even bring him to work.”

“Every time I’d drive past my dad’s I’d always look around at the houses and had some sort of feeling he wasn’t gone,” he said.

But come 2019, luck and good fate met Mike. He received a phone call from Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The hospital informed Mike that a husky with a shepherd mix was taken in.


They were able to identify the owner of the dog because he was micro-chipped. The next day, Mike arrived at the hospital together with his family.

Jack was found and picked up by a driver along Pembina Highway. Thanks to the initiative of the driver, he wouldn’t have been reunited with his owner!

When Jack came out to see Mike, there was an instant connection. It’s as if these two weren’t apart for four years! Mike couldn’t help himself. He immediately wrapped his arms around his best friend. Jack in return couldn’t stop wagging his tail and asked for belly rubs.

losing a pet dog

“A lot of the staff at Centennial can say this was one of the most touching moments we’ve experienced,” the hospital wrote on Facebook. “Lots of happy tears as we watched this miracle reunion.”

Now that the two are reunited and back to their normal lives, their bond became extra meaningful. Losing a pet dog was never easy for Mike, and having been given the second chance to be with his best friend once again, he made sure not to lose sight of him anymore.

“Never EVER lose hope,” he wrote. “I didn’t, and after four years apart in different provinces, we are together again.”

losing a pet dog

When the video was posted online, a lot of people on the internet couldn’t help but share the glorious moment with Mike.

“Wow, I am in tears! So glad they found each other. It is so amazing to retrieve your valuable fur baby. Thank God.” Linda Singleton expressed. “Thank God for microchips! My heart is smiling and the tears are flowing” Arlene Joffe shared.

Make sure you have your tissue boxes ready, because this captured video of Jack and Mike’s moment will touch your hearts!

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