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Man comes up with hilarious road signs to make passersby smile

When you’re traveling through Highway 285 in Indian Hills Community in Colorado, a teal green big road signs greets you with its witty punny word plays. It’s not only a breath or in this case a sight, of fresh air from a hearty laugh but also an entertaining conversation starter on a road trip.

The Jefferson County town owes this funny antics to a Colorado Native and community center volunteer, Vince Rozmiarek. Thanks to this pun master, his hometown for more than a decade has become an instant tourist attraction with the national attention it gets from big road signs. His ‘prowess’ in signage writing started seven years back when one of his tasks as a volunteer is to build bigger signs for events the community center hosts.

But he shook things up on April Fool’s Day two years later when he posted his inaugural road sign prank:  “Indian Hills annexed by Morrison slow down.”

He shared that he crafted this joke because of the heavy police presence and they run a ton of speed traps in the town of Morrison, which is next to Indian Hills. “Many people believed that prank, and the amount of attention it brought was really surprising,” he said. It gained a lot of traction including a phone call from the Morrison Police.

Since then, Rozmiarek who’s a fan of puns decided to start throwing on the board “anything funny that would catch your eye.” For five years now, the mastermind has been updating quirky messages every few days ranging various categories such as holiday puns, current events, general jokes, and random musings.

Scroll down below to see some of the best viral big road signs Indian Hills is known for:

1. Ouch! Hope no politicians were driving on this road the day this sign was posted.

2. No one is spared from his humor! Pretty sure vegans can take a joke, right?

3. Don’t you just love those drivers who don’t know that there’s a signal stick in the car. 

4. And sometimes he can be a grammar police, but if he saves lives, why not?!

5. He forgot to leave his number, I am pretty sure many would be calling. 

6. There’s a sign even for cheese lovers!

7. He loves his veggies!

8.  Who loves drama? Not this guy!

9. That’s a new perspective for you!

10. Finger-pointing is sometimes a skill!

11. Fair warning, run for your life!

12. I might just try this when the need arises. 

13. Just a reminder that you are not a ‘dead fish’, you got this!

14. I bet your heart will go on after reading this one.

15. What would I do to be in that fight! 

16. Especially if you win the lottery!

17. Huh? Me? Who! Never, ever admit… 

18. I once told my boss this and I don’t work there anymore. 

19. But you love them anyways, right?

20. Who hates Tacos? Not me and not Juan!

He admits that it is a challenge to come up with fresh ideas for the big road signs, he still tries to keep it interesting. Although some may not be a fan of his gritty humor, he keeps on going for so he can make people laugh. “I always get a big giggle out of it,” he disclosed.

It makes you feel good if you make a ton of people laugh.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.