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Man loses nearly 200 pounds so he could ride his favorite roller coaster

If one wants to achieve something, it is important to be motivated and work hard on his goal. This is exactly what Jared Ream did when he tried to lose weight.

Apart from health reasons, what encouraged him more was his desire to ride Orion, a new roller coaster ride at King Islands amusement park.

Ream is from Ohio and is a roller coaster enthusiast. This is why when he heard about the new roller coaster ride in his local amusement park, he got so excited.

This excitement made him do what he has been putting off for years, which is to lose weight and be healthy again.

At 430 pounds, Ream knew that there’s no way he could ride the new roller coaster ride. His weight always got in the way of his passion for extreme rides.

In his first-person essay for, he shared his struggles such as having his first “Walk of Shame.” This was when the safety harness could not fit around his body.

After this embarrassing incident, Ream lost over 100 pounds but gained the weight back when he switched to a desk job. Frequent snacking and lack of physical activity made him gain even more weight.

Orion roller coaster

Jared Ream

He also stopped visiting theme parks and just focused on his job. Ream has ridden 295 roller coaster but he gave up on his dream of reaching 300 because of his weight.

It seemed like Ream was just unconsciously waiting for something to be motivated again. After hearing the announcement of Kings Island, he jumped on the scale and weighed himself. This was the start of his inspiring weight loss journey.

Through diet restriction, intermittent fasting, and exercising, Ream was able to lose nearly 200 pounds over the course of 321 days.

The day Ream had been waiting for came last July 2. Kings Island finally opened after the lockdown to also introduce Orion, a 300-foot-tall Giga-coaster.

After he confirmed his size was right to ride the roller coaster, he immediately got in line for Orion and achieved his 300th roller coaster ride.

“You couldn’t see it because of my mask, but I had the biggest smile on my face.” Ream wrote. He rode the roller coaster three more times, trying its different sections. Ream said he forgot to enjoy the views because he was so happy and excited.

Though some people may not understand him, he knew that he did it for himself; not just for his passion but also for his health and overall wellness. Now, he can ride as many roller coasters as he wants and take control of his life.

“Just the idea of this coaster helped inspire me to change my life. I worked so hard just to ride this monster of a machine,” he wrote. “I can truly say it was all worth it, and I know I have the rest of my life to ride it over and over again.”

Hats off to you, Jared Ream! Your determination is truly amazing and inspiring. If you want to be motivated towards your goal and know more about Ream’s story, watch this video:

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