How this man with Down syndrome built a multimillion-dollar business off his love of crazy socks

Down Syndrome is the most common genetic condition that occurs in about 6,000 births per year. Despite this, a lot of people are still unaware of the fact that people with Down syndrome cannot be defined by their disability. In recent years, a lot of people with Down syndrome took the world by storm when they showed the things they are capable of!

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John Cronin is one of the thousands of people with Down Syndrome living in the United States. Looking at his adorable and bubbly face is like looking at the embodiment of success. Beyond his disability lies the fact that he is one of the men behind a million-dollar sock company!

Right after graduating from high school, John already knew what career path he would like to take — business.  At first, John and his family had trouble thinking about the nature of their business. In fact, they even considered starting up a food truck.

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“One of the problems, me and my dad, both can’t cook,” John recalled in an interview. “Both of us are good at eating.”

But there’s one thing that John is sure of, his business must equate with fun and creativity. And so, John thought of making money out of the thing that he is most passionate about- his crazy but cool socks!

Well, John Cronin never leaves his home without a pair of his fun and creative socks. No matter how often his brothers would ask their dad to discourage him from wearing his crazy socks, John never allowed their words to stop him from wearing them.

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“They are not the fashion police,” The successful businessman shared. “I love all the socks that are very very colorful and let me be me.”

“Yeah, he’s not the fashion police,” Mark shared his thoughts about his son. “John always had a sense of his own style.”

Realizing that they can make money out of John’s favorite socks, they decided to turn it into a profitable business. Lo and behold, the family came up with John’s Crazy Socks, a company that generated more than a million dollar revenue out of selling wild, outrageous, crazy, and fun socks!

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It was in the month of December in 2016 that John and Mark, his supportive father, officially launched their John’s Crazy Socks company. John was ecstatic and thrilled that he even thought of a tag-line for their store.

“I came up with a catch phrase,” John happily exclaimed. “Socks, socks, and more socks!”

Much to their surprise, the father and son was bombarded with positive response! On their first day, they received a total of 42 orders!

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But what makes John’s Crazy Socks such a huge hit to the public is the passion and enthusiasm that John  showered their products with. Instead of merely shipping out their crazy socks, John thought of personally delivering each packages to their much valued customers.

“I decided to do a home delivery,” John explained. “It was my idea, and I put a little something in red boxes.”

Each order of socks was neatly wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a red box containing a personal thank you note and a candy.

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“I’d go out, knock on doors and the whole family are waiting for me,” John recalled their humble beginning. “I jumped to the door and, their response: They loved it. They even took a picture with me, take a video with me. It’s amazing.”

John’s dedication paid of. Words spread and over a year after launching their product, they have shipped more than 42,000 orders and generated more than 1 million of revenue! Mark believes that none of these would be possible without John’s creativity, dedication, and determination.

Mark also believes that one of the reason behind their company’s success is the fact that they provide hope and serve as an inspiration to others.

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“John is a role model…  we want to show what’s possible.” The proud and supportive father said.

“We hire people with disabilities. (It shows) here’s what people with disabilities can do if you give them a chance.” Mark added.

Aside from believing in the skills and ability of disabled people, 5% of their profits also go to the Special Olympics. Not only that, but they also customize socks for causes such as autism and Williams syndrome.

“Giving back is an essential part.” Mark stated.

But more than the million dollar revenue, Mark is happy to see how much his son has grown to become a better person after launching their company.

“One of the things that has been wonderful is the learning experience,” the proud father exclaimed.

Because the pair of socks has to be personally delivered, John learned how to knock on the door and converse with strangers, and conquer his fear of dogs.

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John is just 22 years old, but despite his young age and his disability, he has built a company and is living the dream!

“It is possible,” John said with confidence. “I have Down syndrome and it never holds me back.”

Watch John’s inspiring video below and may his story help us realize how someone who is surrounded with people who never doubted their abilities, can conquer their dreams!

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