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A man buys old chair from Facebook Marketplace for $50 — now Sotheby’s says it could be worth $50,000

We often look for pre-loved items online to save a few bucks or even a lot of money. However, some shoppers are lucky enough to buy something worth a thousand times or more than the price they paid!

The 33-year-old content creator, Justin Miller, experienced this when he spotted a unique chair on Facebook Marketplace and later found out it was a Frits Henningsen chair. Miller bought the chair for $50, but Sotheby’s said it cost around $50,000!

Frits Henningsen (1889-1965) was a Danish furniture designer and cabinetmaker renowned for his craftsmanship and contributions to modern Danish design. He was known for creating high-quality, handcrafted furniture pieces that blended functionality, comfort, and elegant aesthetics.

Henningsen’s designs often featured organic shapes, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of natural materials. His furniture designs have become highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

According to Justine, he spends several hours daily combing through Facebook Marketplace to help a friend with home renovations.

With six years of experience directing celebrity photo shoots and as a design producer on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ award-winning series “Home Work” on the Magnolia Network, Justine has an impeccable sense of design.

Justine’s keen eye for design was piqued when he spotted a grand wingback chair in the driveway of a Beverly Hills mansion. The piece’s unique shape led him to believe it could be worth a significant amount.

After a brief search on Google, Miller was surprised to discover that comparable furnishings had sold for “insane prices.”

In a recent interview with Insider, Justine disclosed that the seller at Beverly Hills informed him that the wingback chair he wants could be worth a lot of money.

The seller had arranged a yard sale to unload some of their friend’s unwanted possessions in return for a portion of the profits, only to be informed that the city did not authorize such sales. Hence, they need to sell everything as quickly as possible.

As per a TikTok video shared by Justine Miller on February 13, the design expert embarked on a journey from Los Angeles to a multi-million-dollar home to get his hands on a rare Frits Henningson chair.

Sitting in traffic, he hoped the seller would not give it to someone else.

Meanwhile, over 2 million people have viewed Miller’s TikTok video since its upload.

Justine was in a dilemma as he contemplated the best course of action for the treasure trove he had stumbled upon in his storage unit. Should he sell it as is or restore it and potentially risk losing money?

A quick search on Google yielded a vast range of sale prices, ranging from $9,600 for a single item to an astounding $223,000 for a pair. However, through the comments section on TikTok, Justine learned the actual value of his acquisition.

As per a TikToker’s observation, it turns out that Kirsten Dunst owns the same type of Frits Henningsen chair that Justine Miller discovered in his storage unit.

Dunst spoke about the chair in her 2021 home tour with Architectural Digest, where she described it as one of her most indulgent purchases, stating that it was worth every penny.

The actress further revealed a deep appreciation for fine art and home furnishings, in contrast to her lack of interest in clothing and cars.

In addition to the Frits Henningsen chair, Dunst also owns a door salvaged from Jackie O.’s former residence, which she proudly displays in her home.

Following the advice of his followers, Justine contacted art auction houses, hoping to obtain a lucrative deal for his impressive Frits Henningsen chair.

To his surprise, the prestigious Sotheby’s responded positively to his inquiry, expressing interest in featuring his $50 Facebook Marketplace find in their upcoming “Important Design” sale this year.

According to Louis Soulard, Sotheby’s Head of Sale for 20th Century Design, the chair is expected to fetch a price of $30,000 to $50,000.

Justine said he anticipates earning approximately $25,000 after deducting the seller’s fee and taxes from the sale’s proceeds.

Justine has built his brand around “finding cool things for cheap.” However, following his Facebook Marketplace purchase, he has decided to treat himself to a small but meaningful decoration as a reminder of his extraordinary experience.

Despite the tempting prospect of splurging, Miller’s priorities remain focused on long-term financial stability. The profits from the sale of his Frits Henningsen chair will be allocated towards a down payment on a house.

“I’ve made some good Facebook Marketplace finds,” Miller told viewers, “But this is my best to date.”

Watch Justine’s Frits Henningsen chair reveal below:

@miztermiller Replying to @dazonic For everyone who thought I was lying about owning the chair, here ya go. She heads to NYC soon for June’s big auction! #homedecor #interiordesign #diy #thrifted #antiques #sothebys #thrifthaul ♬ Only You X Playdate – ded4$$

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Thursday 18th of May 2023

ah to be this lucky! good post!

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