Man builds a cute mini picnic table where squirrels in his yard can hang out and eat

We all know that squirrels don’t mind eating off the ground, but that didn’t stop this man from building them a picnic table where they can enjoy their meals.

Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, resident Rick Kalinowski has always been fascinated by the squirrels that have made his yard their home.

As a gesture of goodwill to these fluffy critters, the 43-year-old self-employed plumber thought of creating a special spot where they can feast on their fruits and nuts.


Since he had some wood lying around and lots of time in his hands, Rick decided to craft a mini picnic table for them. Like the human version, it had one long table in the middle and two benches on the side so multiple squirrels can hang out at once.

Rick nailed the finished product to his fence out back and left a tasty spread of nuts on the tabletop. He waited to see who its first guest would be.

Not long after, a chubby squirrel arrived and plopped on one of the itty-bitty benches. It quickly munched on the abundance of nuts on the table, clearly enjoying the feast set before it.


Rick says the squirrels often visit the table twice a day, which could only mean that they like it! “I really believe they love it,” he told The Dodo.

Not only has he built the squirrels their own picnic table, but he also provides them with food.

“I buy a variety of nuts and seeds for the squirrels along with fresh-cut fruit; it brings me happiness especially during these uncertain times,” Rick told Daily Mail.


The squirrels are surely getting their fill from the food that Rick leaves for them, but what they don’t know is that the picnic table’s creator feels as satisfied as they do.

Rick positioned the tiny table just outside the window where he has his morning coffee. This perfect placement allows him to enjoy a clear view of the squirrels enjoying their own breakfast.


“I wake up at sunrise and have done for years, just to feed the squirrels and fill the bird feeders. I make my coffee, put on the morning news and watch everyone eat,” he said.

In a way, Rick built the picnic tables as a way of giving back to the squirrels for the happiness they’ve been giving him. In return, he gets to see them looking full and content, and that is enough thank you for him.

“I appreciate them and they appreciate me,” he said.


Rick posted a few pictures of the squirrels using the picnic table on a Facebook group, and it quickly gained massive attention.

The positive comments he received inspired him to build a small business out of it by selling the mini tables on Etsy. Customers can order an assembled piece, a pattern, or a picnic table kit from his online shop.