Maid hired to clean house for a huge party, but almost faints when told who owns the house

Out of all the pranks popular today, the Prank It Forward will definitely be your favorite. Not only because of the fun it brings but also because it can warm your heart as well.

They say that mothers are modern superheroes. Though they do not save the day from villains, they definitely do great wonders. Cara Simmons, a 36-year-old single mother of three children is the epitome of a modern superwoman.

Aside from taking care of her growing children, she is also working as a housekeeper in order to support the needs of her family. Never once did Cara take a vacation nor a day-off to rest for a day because, for her, time is gold- literally!

In fact, there was even a time where Cara had to be hospitalized due to stomach ulcers caused by stress. Instead of taking the time to recover her lost strength, Cara continued working.

Maid Bright, Cara’s kindhearted employer, knew how hardworking Cara is. Feeling for her reliable and dedicated employee, Bright wanted to give Cara a day she would never forget. In line with this, Bright sent Cara to the house of an important person.

Cara, thinking that what she would do was a part of her job, headed out to the house of an important person. Upon arriving at her destination, Cara was welcomed by Madeline Blue. Afterward, Cara immediately got to work and cleaned the house. When she was finally done with her task, Madeline approached Cara and told her about other matters she needs to prepare for the big party later that evening.

The unsuspecting Cara was sent to the kitchen to meet the private chef who was a preparing drool-worthy meal for the festive celebration. There, the private chef engaged Cara in a conversation and found out that one of her favorite food is spaghetti.

The dedicated and hardworking mother was then asked to become the taste-tester of the evening’s meal. As it turned out, she was about to have a taste of a satiating gourmet lobster and truffle meal.

After eating, the doorbell rung and Madeline asked Cara to answer it. Much to her surprise, standing in front of her were men with massage and reflexology tables for the ‘party.’ Madeline asked Cara if she would like to have a relaxing massage, and of course, she said yes. It was during this time that Cara was made to wonder if she was dreaming because of her royal treatment.

Glo Nicholson, the supportive sister of Cara, had always wanted to give her the day-off she deserves the most. However, Cara’s royal treatment did not end with a sumptuous dinner and a refreshing massage. Rather, her night was just beginning!

Soon, Cara was led to a closet filled with beautiful clothes. Madeline told Cara that she was free to try and have anything she would fancy. As if the universe is conspiring for her benefit, all of the clothes inside the closet is in her size. As it turned out, it was Glo who chose the clothes inside the closet.

Afterward, a delivery man showed up on their doorstep with boxes containing all of Cara’s belongings. At this point, the confused mother clarified that she did not own the house. Unbeknownst to her, she actually did!

“I have always wanted to own a home,” Cara said, expressing her longtime dream. “And I remember being young and having a home with my family, and my parents got a divorce, and it changed, and we moved, but I remember the happiness there. I think my family will just create awesome memories in this house.”

You are probably thinking that Cara is a blessed woman to receive this beautiful and life-changing surprise. Well as they say, when it rains, it pours. As it turned out, in addition to Cara’s priceless gifts, she was also surprised with a trip to Mexico with her sister to explore the stunning Mayan ruins.

To make the celebration even more joyous, her family members hopped out of the delivery truck to share one of the happiest moments of her life. Cara could not believe the events unfolding before her that she fainted in shock and happiness!

“I was in shock and stunned and crying,” Cara said in an interview, expressing her gratefulness to the people behind her blessings. “I had no idea what was going on. It was the most amazing prank.”

This “pay-it-forward” prank below is one of the most heartwarming videos on the internet. It’s no wonder it’s been viewed over 10 million times.

Prank It FWD is a program aiming to surprise deserving people with a chance to have life-changing opportunities. Instead of seeing the usual popular pranks that are all for fun by messing with other people, it sure is refreshing to see programs such as this one. It sure is heartwarming to see people surprising fellow humans in order to help them lead a better a life!

Watch the heartwarming prank in a video below! Share this as well and Prank It Forward to help spread positivity and good vibes that will definitely paint a smile on people’s faces!

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