Struggling school lunch lady surprised with a car by Secret Santa as her husband battles cancer and lupus

A lunch lady was shocked and in tears as she was gifted a brand new car by a secret Santa. Cheryl Stewart loves serving at Teton High School’s cafeteria in Idaho but these past years, she has been struggling financially because her husband is being treated for prostate cancer and lupus. Life’s been really hard for her recently.

She’s the only one working in the family right now and as a colon cancer survivor, she knows and understands the pain her husband is battling with. This is why she was so surprised and grateful when an anonymous Santa gave her a car as a Christmas present.

Thank you Secret Santa, whoever you are,” Steward said as she received the spectacular gift. “This is going to help me so much, we struggled so much.

Getting the Surprise of Her Life

The school asked Stewart to report for an emergency shift though she wasn’t’ feeling really well that day. She thought she just needed to work but she was so surprised when a man in a Christmas hat approached her and told her the good news.

He gave her a cheque worth $100 and a small boxed present. Inside the little box was the key to her brand new car. When the man led Stewart to her car, she couldn’t help but cry her out in tears. “You guys, they bought me a car,” she shouted in delight. “Can you believe this? I can’t even breathe.

Apparently, Stewart was nominated by someone as a recipient of’s holiday season giveaway. The news website is spreading good spirits this Christmas season with the help of a Secret Santa. “It would be nice to see something done for her,” said the person who nominated Stewart.

Working Different Jobs

Apart from working as a lunch girl at the cafeteria, Stewart also cleans the floor service building and the seminary building. She works from up to sun down and in-between to provide for her family and get her husband treated. Everybody at school loves her because of her big heart. In point of fact, she makes rolls for all the funerals in her area.

Stewart used to drive a borrowed car for work until the engine stopped working. She was also planning to have surgery on her Christmas break as she could not meet the expense of taking extra days off.

A Woman with a Big Heart

From the story above, it is apparent that Cheryl Stewart has a big heart. She cares for everyone around her and doesn’t mind working a lot for her family especially for her husband. Her story touched the person who nominated her as well as all the people who have watched her video.

Angela Aldorasi, a YouTube commenter said, “How wonderful! God bless this wonderful woman. I hope this is just the beginning of good luck to her and her family. She deserves this and more.” Another viewer with the username FabFour Fever was also inspired by Stewart’s story.

He said in his comment, “I cried seeing the joy and appreciation on this woman’s face. It is wonderful to see somebody who works as hard as she does and struggles so much to get such a much-needed and beautiful gift. God bless the Secret Santa, and God bless this woman and her family. I hope this makes her holiday a bit brighter.

Watch the heartwarming video of Cheryl Stewart as she receives a wonderful Christmas present from Secret Santa. Make sure to prepare some tissues!

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