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Pregnant loyal dog sits by door every day and waited for her family to return

We all know that there is no loyalty greater than a dog’s. Unfortunately, not all dogs are blessed with an owner who is as loyal as they are. Tania Cappelluti, a well-known pet lover, has her fair share of heartbreaks in dealing with the bad circumstances of the animals she had rescued.

Tania’s compassion for abandoned animals all started when she moved to Costa Rica to pursue her yoga retreat. After seeing how many stray dogs and cats were occupying the busy streets of Costa Rica, Tania felt that she needs to do something.

And so, the animal lover decided to team with some locals and formed the Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica. Since its establishment, the CAARCR has already helped numerous animals have a place to call their own.

Tania’s admirable love for animals was not left behind to Costa Rica when she traveled to Berlin. Even though she’s miles away from the place that sparked her compassion for stray animals, Tania still remained faithful to her cause.

Thousand of miles away from Costa Rica, Tania received a message informing her about the alarming situation of an abandoned pregnant dog.

“This is so unbelievable,” Tania shared on Facebook, expressing her disappointment to the owner of the obviously pregnant dog who is still leaning against the facade of a blue house. “I really don’t understand how people can do this to their dog.”

The message came from a concerned neighbor of the dog’s original owner. Apparently, the dog’s original owner moved away and left the pregnant dog behind. To make the story even more heartbreaking, the loyal dog faithfully remains waiting for the family’s return on the doorstep.

“They moved away and left their pregnant dog behind,” the distraught Tania added. “No food or water. On her own, with a big belly. The poor girl is sitting now day and night in front of the door waiting for her people to come back home.”

The great distance between Tania and the abandoned dog did not deter the animal enthusiast from finding a way to help the poor dog. Pleading, Tania was able to convince the neighbor who voiced out a concern for the pregnant dog to take the dog in until she figures out what to do. Fortunately, the concerned neighbor agreed.

Racing against time, Tania quickly reached out to her partners at CAARCR, trying her best to look for foster caregivers who can offer their home to the dog who is about to give birth.

Fortunately, a new home opened its door for Marie, the abandoned pregnant dog from Berlin. Wynn Mackey, an American who retired in Costa Rica, offered his home to Marie.

Mercedes Mora, a local seamstress who is also one of the founders of CAARCR, was the one who carried the heavily pregnant Marie over to Mackey’s home.

He has fostered for us before,” Tania shared, speaking highly of Mackey. “He is a wonderful foster dad.”

Learning about Marie’s circumstances, Mackey created a special bed for Marie who could give birth at any moment. In addition, Mackey was not the only one who is happy for Marie’s arrival, his other dogs are also excited about the newest addition to their family.

“She loves to hang out on the cool tiles as she feels a bit uncomfortable being so pregnant,” Mackey shared, apparently, Marie loves rolling around the yard.

“She doesn’t leave Wynn’s side!” Tania said, sharing how much of a doting ‘parent’ Mackey seemed to be for the rescued dog. “We expect a lot of puppies soon.”

Soon enough, Tania opened her Facebook messaging app with a heartwarming surprise.

“I opened Facebook,” Tania said, sharing the good news. “And there she smiles at me with seven puppies!!!” 

As it turned out, Marie gave birth on Monday night, not on the special bed Mackey made for her but on Mackey’s own bed instead!

“All is well! Marie hesitates to leave the babies even to relieve herself,” Tania announced.  “But I am sure that she will soon relax and even enjoy short breaks.”

As of now, Marie and her seven puppies are making themselves comfortable in Mackey’s home. Once they have recovered, hopefully, they will be transferred to a permanent home and have a family that would never leave them behind.

Watch the video below and prepare to be mesmerized by Marie, the abandoned dog who remained loyal to the owners who left her behind.

Photos and Video | Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica

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