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This loyal dog waited for six days outside hospital for her sick owner

We’ve seen and heard many stories about the loyalty of dogs, but for many people—especially dog lovers—these touching tales never get old.

Here’s another canine story that will surely melt your heart.

When Cemal Senturk, 68, was transported by ambulance to Medical Park Hospital in Trabzon, Turkey, on January 14, he had an extremely concerned family member who refused to leave his side: his dog, Boncuk.

The small, mix-breed pooch had escaped from their apartment and followed her owner to the facility. It was later found that Senturk had suffered from a brain embolism, meaning he had to stay in the hospital for several days to receive treatment.

Meanwhile, his faithful pet was waiting for him by the hospital’s entrance. Boncuk refused to leave, so the staff informed Senturk’s family of the dog’s whereabouts.

His daughter picked Boncuk up and took her back home, but she managed to escape again. She was later found at the hospital, waiting for her dad by the doorway of the facility.

She did this for six consecutive days.

Senturk’s family couldn’t figure out how the dog kept escaping. But no matter what her mysterious methods were, one thing was certain: Boncuk knew their home wouldn’t be complete without her dad in it.

The canine was obviously missing Senturk very much. So, to reassure and comfort her, he communicated with her through the hospital’s window. Sometimes, the animal would poke her nose through the doors, but she remained outside most of the time.

Still, after seeing her dad, Boncuk decided to continue her stakeout.
Despite her family’s best efforts to keep her at home, no one can stop the dog from waiting at the hospital for her sick owner.

“She comes every day around 9am and waits until nightfall. She doesn’t go in. When the door opens she pokes her head inside,” hospital security guard Muhammet Akdeniz told the DHA News Agency.

During that time, the dog won the hearts of the hospital staff. They took care of her and regularly gave her food. Boncuk was described as “really sweet” during her vigil at the facility.

“She doesn’t pose a danger to anyone. Everybody noticed the relationship between the dog and her owner. It makes everybody happy,” according to Fuat Ugur, the hospital’s communications director.

Boncuk has been with Senturk for very long, which could explain why she’s deeply bonded with him.

“Cemal Senturk has been with Boncuk for nine years and he also stated that he missed her a lot during his stay at the hospital,” Murat Ercan, the hospital’s international patient center director, told CNN.

Boncuk was rewarded for her patience after six days when Senturk was finally discharged from the hospital. The dog was overjoyed upon seeing her owner being wheeled out of the facility. She ran alongside his wheelchair and kept jumping up to be petted while vigorously wagging her tail.

“It makes a person very happy. The dog is very close to us, like a human being, and it makes you happy,” Senturk said of his canine best friend.

Another pet owner who’s very fortunate to have a loyal dog is this unnamed man from Brazil.

While driving home one night, Anderson Bahi saw an ambulance stopped on the side of the road. Apparently, a man had fallen ill on the sidewalk while walking his dog.

The responders got there just in time, and they loaded him into the vehicle. His pooch, on the other hand, jumped into the rear bumper. It looked like she wanted to be let in too.

Thankfully, the ambulance crew noticed and was kind enough to grant the dog’s wish. Before driving to the hospital, he opened the rear doors and helped her inside to be with his owner.

A dog waiting outside a hospital for her owner

Photo by Amal Saker

Once they arrived at the hospital, the man was wheeled inside the building. On the other hand, his pup sat patiently outside to wait for his return. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait too long because he was released in less than an hour.

Reading these kinds of stories reminds us of how lucky we are to have the love of our devoted companions. It also inspires us to love them more!

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